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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blackmailed by mistress and humiliated

Today I got an email from mistress to say that she would be looking for me on skype tonight. I panicked because I knew I could not get online as my girlfriend was home all night so I quickly emailed back and apologised and asked if we could make it the next night!!! Stupid me

The reply I got was a copy of the blackmail contract and just as I opened the email my house phone rang and I saw my girlfriend walk towards the phone .. OMG was this Mistress carrying out the threat of telling her everything, Mistress had stated she had a file on me which I have seen with all my pictures of me dressed up in panties and with cucumbers up my ass.

Just as my girlfriend went to lift the phone it stopped ringing, phew I was sweating and started to wish I had never got myself into this but the excitement and thrill were too addictive and I knew I was in deep with this Mistress.

I replied to Mistress and stated I received the remainder of the contract and I asked her if she had called? She told me she had indeed and unless I make sure I am online at 9pm then she will call back and this time she will speak directly to my girlfriend and tell her everything. I asked if I could buy myself out of that evening's session and I was firmly told NO! Find mistress webcams here

Omg, this is a nightmare it is so humiliating and Mistress knows exactly how to get me by the short and curlies, the excitement running through me as well as the fear. The last time I disobeyed I found myself on youtube and hamster with videos she had of me dancing in panties and stockings so I had to pay a hefty fine to get her to take them down.

Needless to say, I managed to get on tonight but I was a bag of nerves as my girlfriend was in the next room.
All I can say is Mistress is an expert in keeping you on your toes and making you panic.
The next session I have been told will be a task I will have to carry out dread to know what it will be because I think she wants me to suck a tranny cock as she watches on skype. Mistress has already chatted with a tranny and that tranny has emailed me twice. 

I love the buzz that this gives me it is so addictive especially when it is a twisted Mistress that you never know what is going through her head and what she may do next!
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Monday, 16 June 2014

Sissy humiliated on webcam

                        Sissy Humiliated on Webcam

Sissy maid sally! Humiliated and degraded on cam. I have enjoyed camming with this sissy maid as well as using her in real life many times. The first time we met was in a dungeon and she was so humiliated when I made her suck and lick every Mistresses foot who worked in the dungeon. She then had to run around all day making us tea and ensuring we were ok. It was a great session and I have continued to humiliate and blackmail this sissy slut  since then.

Sally always comes to come fully dressed and is always very obedient, she knows what happens to her if she does step out of line. I have all of her personal information and she knows the next time we meet she must sign the new contract. One of our favourite sites to test out is with hundreds of live femdom mistresses waiting to blackmail you right now live
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Sally was made to fuck her ass with her wife's shoe as well as with banana then made to eat it slowly in front of Mistress, I have to admit she bolked a few times which was funny for Mistress to watch. I love sissies and subs who will get kinky on cam for me and push the boundaries. If you are ready to have your boundaries pushed with NO safe words then be sure to visit me on live cam soon.
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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Another useless Blackmailed Sissy

Blackmailed sissy

I seem to see more and more of these nasty little sissies and i just love when i make them do things that  they really do not want to do! The point is they have no choice. No matter how much begging and pleading they do i have to much on them and i love the power of facebook and being on some of their friends lists so i can post anything i want and tell the world all about their naughty little secrets. For live
Another useless little slut with a tiny babycock in to amuse me. This little bitch knows fine well that if she does not entertain me and do as i say then i spill the beans on her facebook page
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The more pathetic slutty little sissies i blackmail the happier i become. I really do love making people fear me. Making people worry! I would not hesitate in spilling the beans about you either! You cross me you learn the hard way slut!
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Friday, 9 May 2014

The Lock down story

Wait For Lockdown

The plugin my ass is giving me a nice warm feeling and making Mistress cock stir within
the confines of the clear plastic of the cb6000. The prison is secured with a snug-fitting
padlock with only one key.

The key which now sits in a container of water in my freezer, slowly but surely taking me
further and further away from any possibility of release.. slow torture of waiting for
it to freeze solid further adding to my torment like.. well. like water torture.

But here unlike a steady drip drip drip, it is the constant checking of my predicament every
30 minutes until it is finally secure.

It is now one o'clock in the morning and my tired brain can hardly stop thinking about it
and there is a part of myself, very very deep within, that is screaming.

The plug is riding into my ass and it is making me horny as I sit on it, I find myself
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moving back and forward grinding my slutty whore ass into the toy... it's not quite the
right shape to get any real release... I dread to think what would happen if I actually
made myself cum like that...but I am so frustrated it is driving me crazy.

I pull at the cage as if that would help but that's even worse now... The clock is ticking
by and I'm losing the ability to concentrate on anything else. Yes Mistress and her hard
I do not have any choice.

Mistress controls are utter.

Mistress cock tight in its cage reminds me of how helpless I am beneath Her.

She is having fun with other subs, more worthy of her time and attention that I am and that
makes me very jealous. I have nothing more to give Her as I am so hopelessly trapped by
Her. She has all the power.

So I have to wait... every second making me more trapped. I feel so helpless. You can find more real mistresses at live mistress webcam

Knowing that She is there, watching, controlling, punishing... there is nowhere for me
to turn now as She is everywhere. The tiredness and horny frustration are taking its toll.

My fate sealed with every second.

The clock is my enemy. I am sitting here waiting for the clock... hoping each second that the
ice freezes and maybe, just maybe this part of the humiliation will be over.

I feel so pathetic. I am praying for my own total entrapment.

This ls truly live at its best
I am pathetic though... I am just a sissy slut getting what they deserve and I should
thank Mistress for controlling me. She makes me realise my place in this world is beneath
Her and master, beneath real men who can cum and fuck and do whatever they want.

I'm no longer thinking straight now. I know I would do anything for Mistress - I'm
sinking deeper in Her pit of despair for me and fun and laughter for Her.

My face burns like the pull on Mistress balls as Her Cock strains. Knowing people will know
of my humiliation. I have no choice. I am getting ever more trapped by the second.
This slave knows he is just pathetic, useless and no one is interested in him, he is  for using and abusing, entertainment purposes only and using him is what we do best smothering slaves with our feet is what we do best, making them worship, lick, and suck our sweaty feet, your job is a foot lover and if you do not do as we say we will publish all of your private information losers do you understand, cruel blackmail fantasy online is what we do best so do come and check us out live now

Monday, 5 May 2014

Blackmailed tranny whore

Blackmailed in to Being a Tranny Whore

Mistress is turning the screw on me again. Forcing me to send Her more pictures with each
task She has helped me dig myself further into Her hole.

Now She has revealed my fate.. that I will become what I have feared. To be used and abused
as Her tranny whore!

I want to beg and plead or run for the hills but Mistress knows to much. She fixed me with
Her sweet sadistic smile that always means trouble - for me.

Of course I have a choice... She says... I can choose to have certain images become
public... Would I like that?

No Mistress... please... I'm begging You..

"Well, since I am keeping all of Your secrets, isn't it only fair that I get something in

My position is now perfectly clear.

"Haven't You enjoyed being my little sissy bitch?" She has me twisting in the wind and
She knows it. My face must be a picture of desperation because Her smile becomes a joyful
laugh. "Aw... poor slut... catch got your tongue"

No Mistress, You have my tongue along with everything else. I am so completely trapped it
closes around me like the sound of Her voice in my head.

"Yes, Mistress... I have enjoyed being Your little sissy bitch"

"There.. that was easy wasn't it" She taunts and teases playfully. "Tell me how you like me
using you slut"

 "I love being used by You, Mistress. Thank You so much for fucking my hole and making it
 stretched so I can take nice big cocks for You"

"Good slut! Now I have You right on the road I have planned for You"

So now I am helplessly trapped on this road that leads me to being a tranny whore for
my Mistress and it scares and excites me in equal measure. One thing is certain is that
the consequences for disobedience are all too real.

Mistress is not bluffing.

She would send those pictures public or tell someone close to me what I truly am and She
has the facts to prove it.

I am falling deeper and deeper into her pit and I feel so far down now I cannot see the
light. I have to sit here and write my blog of my own entrapment, wearing these panties
and with my clitty locked tightly in a chastity device. I am never getting out.

Mistress tells me that I will be used to amuse Her and make Her money. How ironic that I
will be used to get real men off, using my holes to please them to orgasm and filling me
with cum if Mistress wants it. Making me give others what I can no longer have.

Mistress thinks this is funny.

I am glad that at least I am still amusing Her; I hope that She will have mercy on me if I
am a good little slut. Now I have taken my first step on the road to becoming Her whore.

Being able to Wank and have an orgasm. The life of a blackmailed sissy

The Joys of Wanking to a Real Orgasm

Now that Mistress has claimed Her cock back as Her property, being able to wank without
permission or supervision is no longer something that I am able to do. That privilege is
reserved for Mistress and other people who matter.

Slaves do not matter, slave sluts even less so. I no longer have the right to an orgasm
or even to touch Mistress' property without Her permission.

Now I am under lock and key for Mistress. Her cock is encased in a plastic prison secured
with a metal padlock. Clunk, Click... a trapped dick... once so slutty and promiscuous is
now helplessly trapped and now it must remain.

I must be tortured and trained. That is what Mistress wants and what She will get. So now
in a particularly sadistic turn of events I must now remind myself and all that read this
of the joys of being able to wank and to experience a satisfying release.

Something that is an ever more distant memory with every day that passes.

The first part of a good wank is just to feel that hardness in your hand; to feel the
strength and virility that is embodied in your member. Powerful, pulsing and urgent, it
feels so potent in your hand as you grasp it firmly and start to move it up and down.

Feeling the erection sliding through your fingers, maybe moaning as you think of the
recipient of your attention. Maybe a video clip you are watching or some pornographic
photographs with an erotic image forever frozen in time.

I start slowly at first, really enjoying the feeling... it really is like no other, even
sex is not quite the same... sometimes better (way better), sometimes worse but always
different. You know how to please yourself most of all and this is the most luxurious
embodiment of selfish lust...

Oh Yes... even now thinking about it Mistress cock stirs to hardness, pulling my balls
tight until the pain is quite intense. I remember how this felt... I desperately want more.

Slowly you build up the pace as you get more and more turned on, maybe those memories from
the wank-bank are filtering through: Images, feelings, smells and sounds that have aroused
you so much in the past they are held forever in your head for moments like this..

Oh my.... it feels so good.... faster and faster. The slut within me wants out now and I
cannot hold it back... I moan gutturally, animalistic in my need...



I can feel the surge building in the balls as they tighten and the shaft becomes ramrod
stiff... pulling and twitching in my hand... I look down at the images... so turned on..
waiting for just the right moment...

Every man has the moment... when they know it is time to blow their load... the right images,
the right girl or guy in the right place... I used to think of Mistress and Her body...

That is how far into my head She is...

I build up to the crescendo... balls so heavy... tight and waiting.. I'm so close to the

I tip over as I start to gush, hand tight around, milking it slowly as I bask in the surge
of pleasure... Wow... it used to feel so good...

So good.

So gone.

Reliving those feelings, Mistress cock hurting and trapped, brings me to the brink of tears.
I miss it so much more and these next few days will be even worse now. A cruel reminder of
what I have lost: Surrendered to Mistress as Her Slave.

I know now She'll be laughing as She and others read this a see how pathetic I feel.

I hope at least it makes Her happy.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blackmail the Views of a Sub


Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Women are attracted to men that have it, just
as men have been drawn to rich and powerful women. Power exudes from those that have it
as the ultimate pheromone.

Power is irresistible.

Despite the intangible nature of it - you can hold it. You can FEEL it. You can give it
and you can TAKE it.

The ultimate rush. The thrill beyond any other - to lose such control that you no longer
own your own life, your actions become directed and the spiral into helpless obedience
is unstoppable.

The more power you lose... The greater the rush of adrenaline that courses through every
waking moment. You feel more alive than you have ever been before.

The buzz of your mobile as it vibrates becomes a sickening feeling in the pit of your
stomach. Is this Her? The one that now controls you? What does She want?

The relief when it is just another pointless email from your friends. Then the horrible
realisation of what could happen if they found out about you. What you have done,
willingly or not.

Blackmail screws with your perspective on everything.

And that... That is what makes it the ultimate submission.

It takes a lot of courage or stupidity some might say, to divulge your inner most secrets
to Mistress. Knowing full well that it increases Her hold over you with every word, every
picture she takes makes you more Her toy.

This is not for everyone. This is the base-jumping equivalent of submission. You stand on
the precipice of the mountain that is your life: Your friends, your family, your work and

Do you jump?

Do you give Her what She wants.

Or maybe it is what *you* want. what you NEED.

Some people think they crave submission but when it comes down to it they just want
someone who will lead them step by step through a fantasy. That is not submission.

To submit is to not make the choice. Whatever happens is out of your control, within
the limits you set.

That is why She exerts such a powerful hold over you, over any true submissive whether
blackmailed or not. Mistress loves to push at those limits... helps us to become better
subs for Her until in the end slavery to Her is our biggest desire.

For those in blackmail, Mistress has a very special connection and She really understands
how it works. Not for Her the 'Blah blah pay me money, blah' of some so-called dommes. (I
use the lowercase here deliberately, in my opinion these are just opportunists and not
true Dommes.)

With Mistress, the fall is slow but sure. Just read Her blogs to see this is true. Slaves
trapped within a web of their own lives all skilfully woven by Mistress. Lives made better
 by Mistress through Her power and control.

So you are sitting here wondering if you should jump into the abyss? To join Mistress'
collection of sluts, toys and sissys?

I urge you to jump if you dare. Then again, maybe it is too late and you are falling into
Mistress' control without realising it. Pushed with just a little help from Mistress.

Was I pushed or did I jump?

I no longer remember. That is how far She is into my head.

It is a long way down.

You can read my journey here here