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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Blackmail fantasy on webcam

                Blackmail fantasy on webcam

Consensual blackmail on webcam is one of the most popular requests i get as a webcam Mistress but what some people don't understand is that it's a game of power my power as the Mistress over you as the submissive ( the weak link ). I love the blackmail scenario and seeing just how far i can push you to get what i want out of you.

There is so many ways in which to do blackmail on webcam and which direction you go  should be discussed between you and your mistress i always prefer to have consenual blackmail and use a contract with limits and boundaries and a buy out clause.

                          Blackmail on webcam scenarios

Some People like to have Financial domination  mixed with their blackmail domination every Mistress loves this one, and it can be a lot of fun for a mistress to bleed you dry and know you have to obey or be outed.

Other ways you can enjoy blackmail on webcam is if a Mistress takes down your personal details  ( this is usually the route i use) i take down your mobile number, address, contact details friends names, job, wife/girlfriend details and use them against you to my advantage. I may have you do certain tasks for me on webcam depending on what i  am in the mood for, maybe mundane tasks , or humiliating tasks or i may demand your password for facebook or twitter or for you to add  me as a friend so i can watch over you.This is my favourite route as it really keeps you worried  and ready to everything i ask of you.

Another popular route with the blackmail on webcam is taking pictures of you and threatening to post them online all over the place and refuse to take them down until you have done as Mistress  has requested. I also like to video my subs in  silly scenarios and threaten to  post a letter to their neighbours with a link to said video.

Teamviewer is another popular one which gives Mistress remote access into your computer and if Mistress is a smart Mistress she will be able to get all your details and quickly and some Mistresses can even lock you out your pc or view your facebook logged in as you and make you watch them as they scroll through your friends list and pictures.

This is just  a small amount  of information  about blackmail on webcam but this blog will be dedicated to mistresses who enjoy consensual blackmail on webcam
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There are many webcam sites with Mistresses who are only to happy to blackmail you and make you sweat and push you to see how far  you will go i for one love nothing more than pushing my blackmailed slaves and will keep this blog updated with some blackmail stories of some of my blackmailed subs.

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