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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blackmail losers for abuse

                 Blackmail Losers for abuse

Hello my pathetic little  losers are you in need of some blackmail and to be drained and ruined like pathetic little slave losers like you should be?
Then carry on reading on this blog. There is so much for you to read and learn about blackmail and it is not for the faint hearted. I prefer to watch my blackmailed slaves panic as they know i have pictures of them on the net, the look of fear and worry on their pathetic little slave faces is what makes me very excited and horny.
Do you need to be blackmailed? Do you need to hand over all your money to me so as i can ruin you? Ruining your life would be a dream losers so you better do as i tell you.
You can start by entering in here and joining up to free chat and telling the Mistress that you NEED to be blackmailed and ruined and you can then comment on this blog to say you have done as i have asked.If you want to watch some naughty trannys on webcam you can  or
Enter now idiot.My voice my authority hypnotises you  now and makes you weak and you will go in and join here free now or you will contact me to be blackmailed right away loser
 Enter now and submit  Time to be ruined and drained your body and soul will become mine you will learn that i will not let you escape

More people to be humiliated

Made to dress like an adult baby so i could show his girlfriend his little secret if he failed me at all, but this adult baby has been good so far and oh yes i do have full body ones with face haha

What would wifey say about this?

Does your mates down the pub know you do this?
femdom power and the love of controlling

In secret in his bathroom while his girlfriend slept one click of the mouse and your history buddy
 this was just another little dick loser 

One my sluts now i wonder what would happen if this fell in the wrong hands

I think you losers reading this get the jist!!!!

Be careful who you  speak to because if you start a session with me it will be 100mph and you doing the running as i laugh my ass off


 power and femdom superior women live webcams ready to ridicule and laugh at your little dick. Yes you the little dick loser. Are you ready forat it's very best? Are you ready to be told how pathetic you really are? then make sure to check out the above links

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blackmail search results

                 Blackmail search results

So today i had a massive spike in visitors to this  blackmail blog and decided to look at some stats , yes yes i hear you say boring. But in actual fact it was highly entertaining for Mistress seeing what types of things some of her losers type into google when searching for blackmail scenarios. I think i laughed so much i ruined all of my perfect make up i had on to do my blackmail webcam sessions today.

so here it goes below is some of the search  terms that have landed blackmail slaves to my blog. Yes this is what people type into google

Good morning google i need a blackmail mistress thanks

Is google better than yahoo to find a blackmail mistress

Blackmail me mistress i am a slave
Mistress blackmail slave is sweating
Mistress blackmails slave is running
Mistress blackmail don't tell wifey please
Mistress porn blackmail slave runs for the hills
Please blackmail me mistress
mistress blackmail expose slaves secrets
play the game mistress blackmail me
oh no I'm being blackmailed help mistress pleasssse

Slave heart races mistress blackmails

is there mistresses on google who blackmail thanks

This is just a small list of how some people land on my blog and i have to say i am very much a stats person who looks to see how you all arrive here on my blackmail blog but some of the searches are hilarious so keep it up losers you are indeed very funny and do not realise just how much

If you searched any of the terms above then loser you gave me a very entertaining read tonight

I will update this with other funny google search terms to my blogs and sites as they are fun.

Mistress running for the hills now as slaves are sweating as they are  being blackmailed LOL!!!


To all my loser slaves who ask google questions please note google is not a person it will not say good morning back to you just type your search term  that's all that is needed GOOGLE IS NOT A PERSON !!!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Blackmailed sissy sploshed for my amusement

             Blackmail sissy sploshed for my amusement

Blackmail sissy sploshed for mistresses amusement, yes this pathetic sissy breached his blackmail contract and so Mistress decided to teach the loser a lesson in his real time meet.

He came in saying " I'm so sorry mistress" " I will make it up to you Mistress "blah blah blah
Yawn i was so bored listening to his pathetic whining and crawling i decided entertainment was the way ahead for me as well as £100 fine for being such a joke.

 if you like splosh sessions with mistress then make sure to come and see me live asap

Perhaps you like and like to watch a tranny play live on her webcam if so don't forget to click the links on the site for some live

financial slave giving over money

                Financial slave giving over money

This is one of my pathetic useless little creatures giving Mistress the money he had been saving her for her to acknowledge him. He is so pathetic and useless and laughable that MISTRESS decided his story had to be told so this is one of a few blogs i will be writing about Mr J who has been both my financial slave,cuckold slave and my blackmailed slave. I know  everything about this little joke of a man. Blackmailed forced to do humiliating things including speaking on video and meeting with Mistress for a real time session. This financial slave adores his Money greedy mistress who starves him of oxygen when he is in the same room as her. Mistress detests him he is hopeless and really not even worth my time writign about this joke of a slave but it amuses me to know he hates this blog with a passion especially now i have told him his story is out for all to read about.

So this is Mr J who i have met a few times for real time sessions and loved abusing him so much and draining him of the money that is so rightfully mine he works to PAY ME or else i tell his wife everything and i  mean everything as well as message her on her facebook about him.Mr j knows his place is to do as i tell him when i tell him and he has a contract and has been my owned slave for almost 3 years through webcam chat and real time meets he knows what he has to do to keep me sweet . watch out on my next blogs for his begiign letters yes he paid for Mistresses wedding rings infact he begged to pay for them as well as money towards her honeymoon

he is such a fucken loser twat idiot knob!! check out

The Blackmail Dominatrix- Roleplay fantasy

          The Blackmail Dominatrix-roleplay fantasy

The blackmailing Dominatrix role play fantasy is a request so many look for  on webcam. It is probably one of the most popular requests a dominatrix gets on webcam coupled with the financial side of blackmail fantasy.

I love to punish slaves for disobeying me and watching them sweat and plead as they watch me post their pictures on my blogs and websites. The look of worry and fear in their faces makes me so excited!

Lets take Steven below  we have been doing blackmail fantasy for around 2 months and this loser decided he was having to many sleepless nights keeping up with my demands, i mean c'mon how fucken pathetic is that? is demands were per the agreed contract not my problem if he can't keep up and chooses to try and ignore me hoping i will go away haha steven you should know better,i decided enough was enough and decided to post  his picture of him in his panties next stop is his best friend/flat mates email box.


Next stop the whole face to your good friend and flatmate so he can post it on your facebook.
Meet your demands or else boy!!!!

Blackmail fantasy with Dominatrix es 

If you are looking for blackmail fantasy and want to try out other Dominatrices to see how far they will push you then look no further than the webcam chats below. Pop in and watch how they interact with their loser slaves like you.
Watch out on this blog for more pictures and video teasers of losers just like you being blackmailed


Wednesday, 22 May 2013


                  xxx Webcam Domination         

                        Blackmail and Financial Domination       


Just as the title says loser slave, xxx Webcam Domination with  me the wonderful one and you the fucking loser idiot. Open your wallets pay pigs and get spending on me now i demand it!
I want to have you gagged blindfolded with teamviewer on for blackmail and i want to take all your personal information out of your pc and hold it for safe keeping!
I need pathetic little crawlers like you to obey me to do everything i say when i say . A puppet on the string waiting  for direction from his amazing  and ohhh so powerful Mistress.
You belong to your Mistress now loser your life is over, the moment you clicked my link and ended up here you became my prey my vulnerable stupid little slave ready to be tormented at my hands.
Financial ruin? Blackmail? xxx  xxx webcam humiliation? are you ready to take the next stage into my world? Yes it is my world you only exist in it to please powerful head strong dominant women
so tribute me now loser and show me how you are weak right at this second the weakness makes you want to pay me just for breathing in my world
Tribute me $100

some domination webcam  Mistresses who love financial drainage as well as blackmail and power. Evil cruel Blackmail Mistresses waiting now. Or if you are looking for live shemale cams then be sure to check out these live shemale cams right now . or if you are a lover of big tits webcams then be sure to get on your hands and knees and get ready to worship these here

Blackmail Chastity Contract

Blackmail Chastity Contract

Mistress loves blackmailed chastity contract slaves, locking you up and controlling when you can touch My cock and when you can have an orgasm , i love the thrill of the pain in your face when you are so desperate to cum and realise that you can not. Mistress prefers those slaves who have a chastity device with a tag with numbers so she can get the combination and check up on you on webcam when ever she so desires.

The contract will lay out exactly what has to be done and for how long you the loser must refrain from wanking your pathetic useless little dick.

If you breach the contract then we both know what will happen. Your information and pictures will be leaked all over my blogs and facebook and your pics submitted to galleries. Perhaps i will video you and submit your video to tube sites to further humiliate and degrade you. I think i have made my sellf perfectly clear. When you submit to my chastity blackmail contract  then you must obey my every fucking word or else!!!


Now because i deal with so many losers. time wasters and idiots on a daily basis, i am looking for only serious slaves who want to do chastity contract blackmail so to prove to me you are a serious player and not wasting my precious time with your wanna bee fantasies and dreams then you must PAY for the contract before we even start pay for My time to discuss the contract.

The contract which by the  way takes me time to write up ( which you should be paying for anyway)

it costs £30 for the contract and you must send an extra £30 for a discussion with me re the contract .

i love femdom and i love extreme femdom scenarios loser boy so if you are ready to be controlled, and ready to be trained by a superior Mistress then make sure to visit me

Do not bombard me with 1 million questions PAY FOR MY TIME DICKLESS IDIOT! OR I WILL JUST DELETE YOUR EMAIL.

Now don't forget to visit some of the links on the side of Mistresses blogs and sign up to some free chat's.

Get clicking loser and join join join or  send me an email to book a session with yours truly the best most sadistic UKMISTRESS ever!!!

Little dick loser who was locked in chastity an dnot allowed to wank for 2 weeks, his little dick had annoyed me so much i thought it was time to lock it away for good . Mistress loves small penis humiliation and everything to do with little dick losers , every aspect of humiliation and degredation gets mistress really horny 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Blackmail Punnishments from Mistresses

                Blackmail Punishment's from Mistress

from Mistress because you have failed in your punishments loser. When i say jump you say "how high Mistress" understand this idiot? Mistress takes it very seriously when idiot losers disobey or don't keep up to their end of the agreed contract. Why oh why  you would  not do as your told is beyond me, you know the consequences you signed the contract we agreed the terms and then you disobey me. Perhaps i need to refresh some of you. Perhaps wifey needs to know what you have been up to, or perhaps your boss should see they pictures i have of you, or maybe i should post them all over your facebook page loser. As some of you know  i am on your facebook page as a friend and i will stay quiet and not say a word UNLESS you disobey  me or annoy me in any way what so ever.

Are my new slaves ready to show me how committed they will be? Are any new slaves ready to devote all their time and life to me? Do you need to be owned, controlled stripped of any decision making in your life as Mistress will control that?

Are you ready for tasks ready to do jobs and chores and run errands for Mistress?

If so you Can prove this by tributing your mistress now.

Either book a blackmail webcam show with Mistress to discuss how we take this further or visit one of the many other Mistress webcam sites with virtual dominatrixes waiting to strip you of your rights

I have added a new video today as well so keep watching as i add new content on this blog of bdsm scenarios i like to watch

and power i love them both, i love being worshipped and adored , have you always wondered about femdom and hot it would be to be owned and controlled by a very powerful women who just loves femdom scenario, who  loves to laugh at your little pathetic joke for a penis. Live  from very cruel Mistresses


Friday, 17 May 2013

Blackmail Webcam shows with Finnancial Domination

           Blackmail Webcam shows with Financial Domination

Assuming that you are having problems finding the right Dominatrix for your special bdsm shows desires and that you have been searching for tht Dominatrix who loves to drain and abuse you and totally destroy you both mentaly and financially then look no further than this blackmail and financial domination Mistress, she loves to drain you and take what belongs to her. Yes belongs to her as you are not worthy of having anything. You work for this Mistress, your only ambition in life is to pay her every pay day or face the consequences there's a  bondage model you might have been missing out on in  Here she is in a couple of pics from her cam chat dungeon, where she awaits all slaves who accomplish all their cravings in cyber  This bondage model uses the screen name LatexxxQueen in cam chat she is ready and waiting to steal your heart and soul and make you totally addicted to her that you will just come back for more and more she wont let you escape, her spul purpose in life is to destroy you and make you the weak loser that you realy are. It's time to fave your demon your evil sadistic Mistress who is waiting to cripple you but remember that smile it draws you back every time, it manipulates you,makes you weak that you know you have to just keep on paying her or else your little secret life will be divuldged and the reason we're advancing her is cos she is versed enough to do the majority of the bdsm shows you see the rest of the performing in live video chat.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blackmail fantasy roleplay with Mistress LatexDeLux

                      Blackmail fantasy roleplay

The other night, while I was peeking on my most cherished blackmail fantasy roleplay Mistresses web page I stumbled upon the brown-haired Mistress right here in the adult bdsm chat part of the site. She calls herself LatexDeLux and I have to confess that her screen name drew my attention right from the beginning. It's only later that I figured out the fact that she isn't a regular adult bdsm chat host, but a sex bondage naughty entertainer, who herself has a weakness for latex, which she pleases on xxx cams live, with guys like you and me that are haunted by the same sex dreams This bdsm Mistress loves to tease us fetishists who love latex and pvc she loves the fantasy blackmail roleplays and financial domination, and she does it so well. This Mistress knows how to move around on webcam and how to make you submit more and feel weaker and weaker each time, she plays the game and we are her puppets, her weak useless slaves her pathetic slaves she loves to exploit.Even though she has a wicked smile she is an evil Mistress looking at every possible way to exploit you and destroy you, to take you that 1 step further into her bdsm web. Her control and power will blow you away so don't miss out. Enjoy this  freak in the future when you'll feel the need to talk to some one about your fetish for latex, cause LatexDeLux will be more than happy to have extra company in her xxx cams live  room. This one is hooked on sex bondage in the most authentic way, not pretending that she is the majority of cam girls. Her favourite types of shows are weak blackmail slaves for blackmail fantasy roleplay as well as financial domination

Perhaps you enjoying watching live or to be told you wil be forced to suck a trannys big juicy cock? Perhaps that is part of the blackmail for you. That I force  you to date ahow humiliating would that be for my pathetic little slaves

Having beein interested in  for almost 15 years i love nothing more than degrading, owning and using weak pathetic little men who can not control themselves when around superior women like me. You lneed to be trained by me, to be controlled and used brain washed and to serve a proper femdom at all times 

Blackmail Mistresses on Live Webcams

                        Blackmail Mistresses

Below is a list of some blackmail Mistresses waiting to use and abuse and destroy you.These blackmail Mistresses are at the top of their game, there is nothing they enjoy more than chewing you up and spitting you back out again. Do you have the balls to enter into a blackmail contract with these Dommes?

Presuming that you didn't know it, your preferred website has some real bondage models, with real life experience as Mistresses that only offer top-notch, these mistresses love blacmail fantasy roleplays,consenual blackmail, blackmail with financial domination, and draing you not only of your cash but of your sanity.  sessions for the weak men searching for torture and humiliation in xxx live chat, these Blackmail Mistresses and bdsm Dommes will take great pleasure in destroying your soul and mind and leaving you wondering. MistressClaudiaVonCross is between these  who will solely allow serious webcam bdsm play enthusiasts in her xxx live room, pop into her free chat and get to see the power of this amazing Domme on live webcam, she also loves all fetishesie smoking fetish, boot fetish,nail fetish, and so many more . This webcam bdsm play connoisseur can demonstrate for you that cam chat can be a great place for you to live out your hidden sex dreams. All you have to keep in mind is not to talk to MistressClaudiaVonCross as one of the ordinary bondage models online.Rememeber this online blackmail Mistress can take you to new heights that you will never have imagined before in your lifetime, she looks to push the boundries and test how weak you really are, she pushes and pushes like no other Mistress and will make sure she leaves you wondering what hit you. If you think you have the balls to speak with this Mistress and do a live webcam bondage session then step up now, live out your fantasy and dream with this amazing Mistress

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Blackmailed webcam slave

                             Blackmailed slave on webcam stories

After a long discussion with Steve i decided it was time this frilly pathetic little sissy should be discussed openly on my blog.
 Steve wanted consensual blackmail and after  long chats and a signed contract this pathetic little sissy slave was made to do so many things for  my entertainment including cum eating chores which she hated!

Mistress loved meeting up with this pathetic slave and abusing him using her power over him to make him do what she  wanted.
I have done both webcam shows with this pathetic slut as well as met him in real life and abused him.

He ended up buying out of his blackmail clause as his work had to send him away for 2 months so he sent me the fee fine £150 as agreed and i decided i wanted some fun humiliating him on my blog much to his embarrassment
If you like and want to watch then  you can check them out live on free chats or tranny cams you can watch real live  and shemales or you can come visit Mistress live online now

sissy blackmail slave,disguised sissy blackmail slave


Maybe you would rather watch  maybe you want to be a shemale and want to chat to other shemales about the experience or where to start with changing your life to be a shemale perhas you like the idea of forced feminization and want to see how you may end up looking if Mistress decides you have to become a shemale or you have to suck a shemale what ever the fantasy you can see live free  right here

Monday, 13 May 2013

Consenual blackmail webcam Mistresses

I mentioned before that i will bring you only best  in adult webcam chat sites and the best in fetish webcam shows. I forgot to mention about this blackmail webcam site below full of blackmail Mistresses who love consenual blackmail fantasy roleplays as well as financial and blackmail.
I often come to this financial with blackmail scenario as no matter how hard  i try to tell you you don't need both it still does how ever crop up in most of my own blackmail shows.

Why is this?

Probably because you are in a contract and have a BUY OUT FEE to get out of the contract and of course that is going to drain you  as well as having to book regular blackmail webcam shows with Mistress  so as you can continue to do your tasks for Mistress as per the agreement in the contract.

These blackmail shows can soon drain  that wallet and credit cards therefore  i would say most of the blackmail webcam shows i do tend to involve some element of financial domination as well.

The way Mistress thinks is control is control.... My control over you the loser!

SO moving on to the other webcam site that specialises in fetish webcams and bdsm webcams .Its an old site meaning its been around  for many many years and has one of the best most trusted domain names out there.. ... I bet they paid millions to get that domain name.

enjoy  this site just press free chat and watch and chat free now slavesss

More free webcam content regarding  coming here

Power and Money blackmail scenario

Power And Money blackmail fantasy

Blackmail is all about power. Power that Mistress has over you and that you will, at least in the first part, hand over willingly. it is a game played between two consenting adults
Blackmail Fantasy
This is a lighter form of blackmail but will still give you that secret thrill of helplessness… You will be given assignments, tasks and humiliating things to do. Mistress will take your money. You will obey or those oh so naughty pictures with your head nicely blurred out might find their way onto the LOSERS section of this website. A very good way of dipping your toes in the water of blackmail fetish with less of the risk.
When discussing with Mistress, please make sure you specify Fantasy or you might just end up out of your depth!

Blackmail 'Reality'

This is for those of you craving a little more danger, the very real feeling of opening yourself up to Mistress. Is she really going to do that? If you dont do as your told... YES SHE WILL! Limits Mistress will discuss with you the limits of the blackmail contract. Be honest with Mistress and the game will be a lot more fun… She will push those limits at every opportunity but She will respect them in the bounds of the game. Mistress is not out to bankrupt you... oh no, that would mean the game would end! Mistress loves playing the game VERY MUCH. Or will she just ruin and Bankrupt you and head fuck you totally???

Application for Blackmail

Due to the large number of time wasters and wankers that plague Mistress begging to be blackmailed only to pussy out at the first hurdle you will be required to have had at least one session with Mistress before a Blackmail contract will be considered. This is not for the faint hearted and Mistress does NOT enjoy having her time wasted!

What Is Going To Happen To Me, Mistress?
In the first instance, you will supply Mistress with the information She requires... Book a webcam session with her and She will explore your desires and Hers with you. The rules of the game will be explained and it may take several sessions to fully set out the blackmail terms. You will be required to sign a contract and then the game will begin!
To Hard For You, Bitch?
Once the game has begun, only Mistress can end it. If it gets too hard and you need to tap out then you can, for a price... Mistress will agree a buy-out fee with you to destroy all your information and the game will end. It will not be cheap
Mistress loves to take down all of your personal details and keep them to hand... or to hijack your facebook page, and sometimes to use teamviewer to access your pc. Mistress may on occassionas make you post things on your fb .
Mistress loves both Blackmail or blackmail coupled with financial domination

Webcam blackmail with mistresses

               Webcam Blackmail with Mistress

Where can i find Mistresses who will do blackmail fantasy with me?

This is a question i am asked often and of course i will do webcam blackmail with you but i have compiled this blog to help you find other Mistresses who also enjoy  blackmail scenario with pathetic little losers.

I just love to crack my whip and have you at my feet begging me to take you on as my new pet and play thing, to use and abuse . I love the whole blackmail and kidnap scenario as well discussin gin depth with you how i will kidnap you and blackmail you. Take you as my slave hostage.You can also visit andif i decide that is what you must do after all your life belongs to me slave and no wim going to play with you haha!

                              Blackmail live stories

I will be using this blog to blog about  pathetic slaves journeys in blackmail, these slaves will already be slaves of mine  who are already being blackmailed by mistress and sometimes Master if they are a cuckold blackmailed slave.

Mistress will keep jornals of there blackmail journey and blog about them and if they doin't do as told or fail me i will be posting there pictures  for all to see.

I will have so much evidence on you pictures of you in compromising positions, pictures of you holding signs with your name and so much more. Have do do the most humiliating of tasks including writing blogs and journals for me OR ELSE!I will send you to view  and make dates with them

I will change your name to what i want it to be and  i will decide what tye of thing you will become. YOU WILL NEVER QUESTION ME! You will sign your contract and do as i say when i say

Now start by signing up to some of the free links i have posted for you to visit other mistresses
and also don't forget to mail me ukmistresslivecam(@)

Blackmailed slave on webcam, blackmail slave. mistress blackmail, foot worship

Mistress loves to be adored and admired by her slaves. Mistress loves to be spoiled with amazing gifts and luxuries, So if you want to get in my good books then get spending .
I hate time wasters who have no intention of becomign a true blackmailed slave if this decribes you then stop reading an dmove on.

My time is precious.

If you want to get in my good books then show me ..... Open that wallet and pay up now!
Visit  and  right here

Consenual Blackmail contracts

             Consenual Blackmail Contract 

Mistress loves when slaves enter into a consenual blackmail contract and  watching the look on there face as they sign to agree to the terms that Mistress will now own them fully.
I love owership and all that comes with it,controlling and manipulating my slaves, playing mind games and head games with them knowing they will do anything as thay have signed a consenual blackmail contract so now they must abide to it at all times.

                       Terms of conseula blackmail contract

The terms of each blackmail contract are discussed with each slave,  for example hwo long he contrac should run for, what should be in the conract, buy out clause, hard limits  how far will it go re ownnership and control, will Mistress have full control of me etc etc/ So many questions  but it is hard to answer them because each slave is different with different individual contracts and terms, some consenual blackmail contracts run for months others are weeks. Mistress will discuss with you fully the terms of your cntract and this will be done with a 1 hour consultation fee of £60 and the fee will include your contract within 7 days of the discussion..

                     I can back out Mistress of the conseual fantasy blackmail 

As per the contract and terms that we agree  then yes you can but it will be at a price w have discussed ie you will pay a buy out fee to end the contratc early. The fee  is set between us at he time of discussion and untill you pay that fee yo must abide to the terms of your consenual roleplay fantasy lacmail contract.

  Is Mistress serious

Now what kind of question is that?

Mistress takes it very seriousley and you will just ahve to see for yourself how serious she takes it.

If i make you worry, or give you sleepless nights or make you sweat when you see my name come online then i would say  i have you where i want you to be.

Consenual blackmail is for adults playing a game of power my power over you, my hynotizing and brainwashing you to be my puppet my toy my loser my slave, You will obey me at all times.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blackmail with financial domination

Blackmail fantasy with Financial Domination

Some pathetic little sub losers love to be forced into spoiling their Mistresses buying her luxuries whilst the loser lives on the bare minimum. The  ( subject) slave will then  give his Mistress money when ever she needs it, or he will pay one of her financial bills ie pay his Mistresses rent, car, health club, beauty treatments etc etc. I love financial Domination with  Blackmail in fact i think it's every Mistresses dream to find a true financial slave who wants to spoil  his Mistress over and over and over again.

I once had a financial slave who took me out shopping and spent over £1000 spoiling  me  buying me new ugg boots, handbags, clothes, iphone and perfume and it never stopped there he always took me out shopping and treated me to loads of goodies from lush just because I loved the smell and feel of them. This in Mistresses opinion is what a good slave is about, always thinking about his Mistress and wanting to spoil her

           Does blackmail have to be about Financial Mistress

No it does not, infact  not many slaves who want blackmailed want financially ruined as well,  although the two do go together  and sometimes they do slip over on to each other ie buy out clauses for blackmail scenario and slaves who do have to spoil  Mistress when in blackmail contract as, i am sure you will agree it is a slaves job to spoil his goddess and he should not have to be told this.

                              How long does a blackmail contract last

That is discussed between you and your Mistress before the contract is started for example some loser slaves don't know what they are getting into with consensual blackmail scenario roleplays  so some of them opt for short term contracts with a buy out clause of £100  ie a months contract. Where as some  slaves have dabbled with it before so have an idea what to expect so can go for longer terms ie up to 6 months and even a year.

Blackmail fantasy webcam shows using skype

               Blackmail fantasy on webcam

I like to use skype when doing webcam sessions with blackmail losers so if you have skype please leave me a note with your skype loser name and Mistress blackmail will add you and organise with you your blackmail webcam fantasy roleplay.

Mistress enjoys consenual blackmail and also blackmail contracts so she knows she has you where she wants you as the puppet on the string, as Mistress dangles carrots infront of you makign you do everything she wants you to do .

Will Mistress tell everyone about your secret? Will Mistress add your pictures and names so others may stumble accross it ... What will Mistress do, will she  out you on facebook or twitter.

Mistress also loves teamviewer Blackmail scenarios and taking control of your pc.

I love nothing more than watching you crumble like a stack of cards following to the ground as i control and own you more and more.

Blackmail is about an exchange of power my power over you, the weak pathetic loser.

Blackmail losers make sure to check out all my other links and to  mail me  ready to submit and be owned.

I do not do free blackmail shows so don't offend me by asking!

               Blackmail Roleplay with Mistress

If Mistress arranges a date and session with you, if you are lucky enough you better be prepared to jump through hoops to keep me happy. Mistress loves blackmail roleplay.
You can also start to check out other Mistresses webcams i have listed on this site and join for free chats as well as some of the  adult bdsm sites

Make me happy now Loser

blackmail fantasy roleplay, webcam blackmail,blackmail mistress

Saturday, 11 May 2013

bdsm dating site with blackmail

Well i was surfing around tonight and answering emails to many of my blackmailed slaves,sending out all of their tasks to be done over the next few days or else they will face the consequences of their pictures being added all over my websites and link lists.  So of course all tasks have been completed and all fines have been paid , i then stumbled across a new site i had not seen before and found it rather interesting. The site is a  site to hook up with other people into the whole bdsm scene and fetish scene but the good thing is it's people who live close by so you will find mistresses/girls who are into what you are into . I decided to take the plunge and sign up and look for some more  slaves to do consenual blackmail with and wow was i innundated with emails from potential new playmates to abuse and have fun with..... How lucky am i. This site also has   as well as . This site is deffo worth a look and a join  to meet other like minded people. I had some fun and gained a few new play mates both male and female ones.

I just never get sick of watching my puppets on a string worrying about their blackmail scenario and where it will go and what will happen to them if they do not obey and those begging to lower the buy out fee, but where is the fun in that for me? Why should i make your life so easy?

Blackmail fantasy is one of my favourite pass times and roleplays and i do it very well. To have you worried and sweating every day that  i may blow your cover gives me great satisfaction lol.

Have you got the guts or courage to enter a consenual blackmail scenario with ukMistresslivecam

Blackmail fantasy Mistress

Blackmail fantasy Mistresses are all over the internet, make sure you read what you are signin up to and that it is infact consenual blackmail and a fantasy role play that you are entering into. Maybe you want to be forced to be a like these trannies or maybe i should make you visit some  to give you real lessons

and BDSM dating profiles

you can browse some of the bdsm dating site profiles by   or perhaps you would like  to visit some  or be forced to visit them as part of your training

More  right here

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blackmail fantasy live on webcam

There's no online as the one we're about to present here. Right from the start, you will be dealing with one of the milf bondage enthusiasts on our community and, that she is keen on satin games on. Presuming that you have a financial domination fetish, than this milf bondage connoisseur's bdsm chat room is the one to enter in live xxx tv chat. You'll find her easily by browsing for its nick name: Goddness, don't worry. In her bdsm chat room, this  cam Domina will tell you what fur coat you have to pay for her, to get her attention in live xxx tv chat.You will become her money pig eventually!She loves money pigs and cash line losers, so make sure to enter that chat and let her drain you, you know you want to , you know how weak you are and how your only purpose in life is to give her the money she deserves, She deserves luxuries you do not, Let her blackmail you into  spoiling her  and devotign your life to her. Blackmail on webcam with the best blacmial mistresses live fantasy blackmail webcams available 24/7

Keen on a naughty  role play? No biggie, DIRTYFOXYX signed up on s just for that. This ebony bondage model has an xxx live bdsm cam room in which she treats her members to some of the nastiest sexual fantasies out there. Why don't you join the other guys in  chat who like viewing this black chick tying her tits in her bdsm cam room, like the genuine ebony bondage slave that she is. She just loves to make others happy in her xxx live  room.

Black blackmail mistress or white blackmail mistress whatever it is you desire is here right now waiting to exploit you and ruin you.
Why should a loser liek you have any luxuries? You had to think there didn't you loser ? You know the answer to that quesation as well as i do! You deserve Nothing not a thing, once a loser always a loser.

All Mistresses mentioned in this blog LOVE BLACKMAIL FANTASY and will have you on your knees begging them not to use  your information or not to exploit you anymore via teamviewer

New week and new people to blackmail LOL

Well i have been off for a week and came back to so many emails of slaves looking for consenual blackmail online .I have to say i love to add a bit of a twist to my blackmail scenarios and to keep my slaves guessing as to what will happen next. Blackmail can go in so many different directions from very mild and just getting your toes wet to very extreme which keeps you sweating and worrying every day, making sure you do the tasks that Mistress has gave you and that you arrive on time to do  the sessions that have been arranged and agreed  OR Else!

Fantasy Blackmail online via skype or yahoo is so much fun for mistress. Mistress loves to see the look of worry on your face wondering what next  and just how far will she take you on the road of blackmail roleplay.

Do you think you have the nerve or stamina to  have online blackmail sessions with Mistress today?
You can also check out these other online blackmail Mistresses from all over the world who just love consenual blackmail online. Just click the cam and watch free they cover all fetishes on cam and love blackmail roleplay

I am on skype almost every night looking to seduce and play with my online blackmailed slaves and subs and when i am not online the free chats above should keep you busy with so many mistresses who love blackmail fantasy and roleplay.

Blackmail is about power my power over you. owning you making you the puppet on a string who answers "Yes Mistress"