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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blackmail Chastity Contract

Blackmail Chastity Contract

Mistress loves blackmailed chastity contract slaves, locking you up and controlling when you can touch My cock and when you can have an orgasm , i love the thrill of the pain in your face when you are so desperate to cum and realise that you can not. Mistress prefers those slaves who have a chastity device with a tag with numbers so she can get the combination and check up on you on webcam when ever she so desires.

The contract will lay out exactly what has to be done and for how long you the loser must refrain from wanking your pathetic useless little dick.

If you breach the contract then we both know what will happen. Your information and pictures will be leaked all over my blogs and facebook and your pics submitted to galleries. Perhaps i will video you and submit your video to tube sites to further humiliate and degrade you. I think i have made my sellf perfectly clear. When you submit to my chastity blackmail contract  then you must obey my every fucking word or else!!!


Now because i deal with so many losers. time wasters and idiots on a daily basis, i am looking for only serious slaves who want to do chastity contract blackmail so to prove to me you are a serious player and not wasting my precious time with your wanna bee fantasies and dreams then you must PAY for the contract before we even start pay for My time to discuss the contract.

The contract which by the  way takes me time to write up ( which you should be paying for anyway)

it costs £30 for the contract and you must send an extra £30 for a discussion with me re the contract .

i love femdom and i love extreme femdom scenarios loser boy so if you are ready to be controlled, and ready to be trained by a superior Mistress then make sure to visit me

Do not bombard me with 1 million questions PAY FOR MY TIME DICKLESS IDIOT! OR I WILL JUST DELETE YOUR EMAIL.

Now don't forget to visit some of the links on the side of Mistresses blogs and sign up to some free chat's.

Get clicking loser and join join join or  send me an email to book a session with yours truly the best most sadistic UKMISTRESS ever!!!

Little dick loser who was locked in chastity an dnot allowed to wank for 2 weeks, his little dick had annoyed me so much i thought it was time to lock it away for good . Mistress loves small penis humiliation and everything to do with little dick losers , every aspect of humiliation and degredation gets mistress really horny 

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