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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blackmail fantasy webcam shows using skype

               Blackmail fantasy on webcam

I like to use skype when doing webcam sessions with blackmail losers so if you have skype please leave me a note with your skype loser name and Mistress blackmail will add you and organise with you your blackmail webcam fantasy roleplay.

Mistress enjoys consenual blackmail and also blackmail contracts so she knows she has you where she wants you as the puppet on the string, as Mistress dangles carrots infront of you makign you do everything she wants you to do .

Will Mistress tell everyone about your secret? Will Mistress add your pictures and names so others may stumble accross it ... What will Mistress do, will she  out you on facebook or twitter.

Mistress also loves teamviewer Blackmail scenarios and taking control of your pc.

I love nothing more than watching you crumble like a stack of cards following to the ground as i control and own you more and more.

Blackmail is about an exchange of power my power over you, the weak pathetic loser.

Blackmail losers make sure to check out all my other links and to  mail me  ready to submit and be owned.

I do not do free blackmail shows so don't offend me by asking!

               Blackmail Roleplay with Mistress

If Mistress arranges a date and session with you, if you are lucky enough you better be prepared to jump through hoops to keep me happy. Mistress loves blackmail roleplay.
You can also start to check out other Mistresses webcams i have listed on this site and join for free chats as well as some of the  adult bdsm sites

Make me happy now Loser

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