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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blackmail losers for abuse

                 Blackmail Losers for abuse

Hello my pathetic little  losers are you in need of some blackmail and to be drained and ruined like pathetic little slave losers like you should be?
Then carry on reading on this blog. There is so much for you to read and learn about blackmail and it is not for the faint hearted. I prefer to watch my blackmailed slaves panic as they know i have pictures of them on the net, the look of fear and worry on their pathetic little slave faces is what makes me very excited and horny.
Do you need to be blackmailed? Do you need to hand over all your money to me so as i can ruin you? Ruining your life would be a dream losers so you better do as i tell you.
You can start by entering in here and joining up to free chat and telling the Mistress that you NEED to be blackmailed and ruined and you can then comment on this blog to say you have done as i have asked.If you want to watch some naughty trannys on webcam you can  or
Enter now idiot.My voice my authority hypnotises you  now and makes you weak and you will go in and join here free now or you will contact me to be blackmailed right away loser
 Enter now and submit  Time to be ruined and drained your body and soul will become mine you will learn that i will not let you escape

More people to be humiliated

Made to dress like an adult baby so i could show his girlfriend his little secret if he failed me at all, but this adult baby has been good so far and oh yes i do have full body ones with face haha

What would wifey say about this?

Does your mates down the pub know you do this?
femdom power and the love of controlling

In secret in his bathroom while his girlfriend slept one click of the mouse and your history buddy
 this was just another little dick loser 

One my sluts now i wonder what would happen if this fell in the wrong hands

I think you losers reading this get the jist!!!!

Be careful who you  speak to because if you start a session with me it will be 100mph and you doing the running as i laugh my ass off


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