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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Blackmail Punnishments from Mistresses

                Blackmail Punishment's from Mistress

from Mistress because you have failed in your punishments loser. When i say jump you say "how high Mistress" understand this idiot? Mistress takes it very seriously when idiot losers disobey or don't keep up to their end of the agreed contract. Why oh why  you would  not do as your told is beyond me, you know the consequences you signed the contract we agreed the terms and then you disobey me. Perhaps i need to refresh some of you. Perhaps wifey needs to know what you have been up to, or perhaps your boss should see they pictures i have of you, or maybe i should post them all over your facebook page loser. As some of you know  i am on your facebook page as a friend and i will stay quiet and not say a word UNLESS you disobey  me or annoy me in any way what so ever.

Are my new slaves ready to show me how committed they will be? Are any new slaves ready to devote all their time and life to me? Do you need to be owned, controlled stripped of any decision making in your life as Mistress will control that?

Are you ready for tasks ready to do jobs and chores and run errands for Mistress?

If so you Can prove this by tributing your mistress now.

Either book a blackmail webcam show with Mistress to discuss how we take this further or visit one of the many other Mistress webcam sites with virtual dominatrixes waiting to strip you of your rights

I have added a new video today as well so keep watching as i add new content on this blog of bdsm scenarios i like to watch

and power i love them both, i love being worshipped and adored , have you always wondered about femdom and hot it would be to be owned and controlled by a very powerful women who just loves femdom scenario, who  loves to laugh at your little pathetic joke for a penis. Live  from very cruel Mistresses


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