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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blackmail search results

                 Blackmail search results

So today i had a massive spike in visitors to this  blackmail blog and decided to look at some stats , yes yes i hear you say boring. But in actual fact it was highly entertaining for Mistress seeing what types of things some of her losers type into google when searching for blackmail scenarios. I think i laughed so much i ruined all of my perfect make up i had on to do my blackmail webcam sessions today.

so here it goes below is some of the search  terms that have landed blackmail slaves to my blog. Yes this is what people type into google

Good morning google i need a blackmail mistress thanks

Is google better than yahoo to find a blackmail mistress

Blackmail me mistress i am a slave
Mistress blackmail slave is sweating
Mistress blackmails slave is running
Mistress blackmail don't tell wifey please
Mistress porn blackmail slave runs for the hills
Please blackmail me mistress
mistress blackmail expose slaves secrets
play the game mistress blackmail me
oh no I'm being blackmailed help mistress pleasssse

Slave heart races mistress blackmails

is there mistresses on google who blackmail thanks

This is just a small list of how some people land on my blog and i have to say i am very much a stats person who looks to see how you all arrive here on my blackmail blog but some of the searches are hilarious so keep it up losers you are indeed very funny and do not realise just how much

If you searched any of the terms above then loser you gave me a very entertaining read tonight

I will update this with other funny google search terms to my blogs and sites as they are fun.

Mistress running for the hills now as slaves are sweating as they are  being blackmailed LOL!!!


To all my loser slaves who ask google questions please note google is not a person it will not say good morning back to you just type your search term  that's all that is needed GOOGLE IS NOT A PERSON !!!!

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