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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blackmail with financial domination

Blackmail fantasy with Financial Domination

Some pathetic little sub losers love to be forced into spoiling their Mistresses buying her luxuries whilst the loser lives on the bare minimum. The  ( subject) slave will then  give his Mistress money when ever she needs it, or he will pay one of her financial bills ie pay his Mistresses rent, car, health club, beauty treatments etc etc. I love financial Domination with  Blackmail in fact i think it's every Mistresses dream to find a true financial slave who wants to spoil  his Mistress over and over and over again.

I once had a financial slave who took me out shopping and spent over £1000 spoiling  me  buying me new ugg boots, handbags, clothes, iphone and perfume and it never stopped there he always took me out shopping and treated me to loads of goodies from lush just because I loved the smell and feel of them. This in Mistresses opinion is what a good slave is about, always thinking about his Mistress and wanting to spoil her

           Does blackmail have to be about Financial Mistress

No it does not, infact  not many slaves who want blackmailed want financially ruined as well,  although the two do go together  and sometimes they do slip over on to each other ie buy out clauses for blackmail scenario and slaves who do have to spoil  Mistress when in blackmail contract as, i am sure you will agree it is a slaves job to spoil his goddess and he should not have to be told this.

                              How long does a blackmail contract last

That is discussed between you and your Mistress before the contract is started for example some loser slaves don't know what they are getting into with consensual blackmail scenario roleplays  so some of them opt for short term contracts with a buy out clause of £100  ie a months contract. Where as some  slaves have dabbled with it before so have an idea what to expect so can go for longer terms ie up to 6 months and even a year.

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