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Monday, 13 May 2013

Consenual Blackmail contracts

             Consenual Blackmail Contract 

Mistress loves when slaves enter into a consenual blackmail contract and  watching the look on there face as they sign to agree to the terms that Mistress will now own them fully.
I love owership and all that comes with it,controlling and manipulating my slaves, playing mind games and head games with them knowing they will do anything as thay have signed a consenual blackmail contract so now they must abide to it at all times.

                       Terms of conseula blackmail contract

The terms of each blackmail contract are discussed with each slave,  for example hwo long he contrac should run for, what should be in the conract, buy out clause, hard limits  how far will it go re ownnership and control, will Mistress have full control of me etc etc/ So many questions  but it is hard to answer them because each slave is different with different individual contracts and terms, some consenual blackmail contracts run for months others are weeks. Mistress will discuss with you fully the terms of your cntract and this will be done with a 1 hour consultation fee of £60 and the fee will include your contract within 7 days of the discussion..

                     I can back out Mistress of the conseual fantasy blackmail 

As per the contract and terms that we agree  then yes you can but it will be at a price w have discussed ie you will pay a buy out fee to end the contratc early. The fee  is set between us at he time of discussion and untill you pay that fee yo must abide to the terms of your consenual roleplay fantasy lacmail contract.

  Is Mistress serious

Now what kind of question is that?

Mistress takes it very seriousley and you will just ahve to see for yourself how serious she takes it.

If i make you worry, or give you sleepless nights or make you sweat when you see my name come online then i would say  i have you where i want you to be.

Consenual blackmail is for adults playing a game of power my power over you, my hynotizing and brainwashing you to be my puppet my toy my loser my slave, You will obey me at all times.

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