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Monday, 13 May 2013

Power and Money blackmail scenario

Power And Money blackmail fantasy

Blackmail is all about power. Power that Mistress has over you and that you will, at least in the first part, hand over willingly. it is a game played between two consenting adults
Blackmail Fantasy
This is a lighter form of blackmail but will still give you that secret thrill of helplessness… You will be given assignments, tasks and humiliating things to do. Mistress will take your money. You will obey or those oh so naughty pictures with your head nicely blurred out might find their way onto the LOSERS section of this website. A very good way of dipping your toes in the water of blackmail fetish with less of the risk.
When discussing with Mistress, please make sure you specify Fantasy or you might just end up out of your depth!

Blackmail 'Reality'

This is for those of you craving a little more danger, the very real feeling of opening yourself up to Mistress. Is she really going to do that? If you dont do as your told... YES SHE WILL! Limits Mistress will discuss with you the limits of the blackmail contract. Be honest with Mistress and the game will be a lot more fun… She will push those limits at every opportunity but She will respect them in the bounds of the game. Mistress is not out to bankrupt you... oh no, that would mean the game would end! Mistress loves playing the game VERY MUCH. Or will she just ruin and Bankrupt you and head fuck you totally???

Application for Blackmail

Due to the large number of time wasters and wankers that plague Mistress begging to be blackmailed only to pussy out at the first hurdle you will be required to have had at least one session with Mistress before a Blackmail contract will be considered. This is not for the faint hearted and Mistress does NOT enjoy having her time wasted!

What Is Going To Happen To Me, Mistress?
In the first instance, you will supply Mistress with the information She requires... Book a webcam session with her and She will explore your desires and Hers with you. The rules of the game will be explained and it may take several sessions to fully set out the blackmail terms. You will be required to sign a contract and then the game will begin!
To Hard For You, Bitch?
Once the game has begun, only Mistress can end it. If it gets too hard and you need to tap out then you can, for a price... Mistress will agree a buy-out fee with you to destroy all your information and the game will end. It will not be cheap
Mistress loves to take down all of your personal details and keep them to hand... or to hijack your facebook page, and sometimes to use teamviewer to access your pc. Mistress may on occassionas make you post things on your fb .
Mistress loves both Blackmail or blackmail coupled with financial domination

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