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Monday, 13 May 2013

Webcam blackmail with mistresses

               Webcam Blackmail with Mistress

Where can i find Mistresses who will do blackmail fantasy with me?

This is a question i am asked often and of course i will do webcam blackmail with you but i have compiled this blog to help you find other Mistresses who also enjoy  blackmail scenario with pathetic little losers.

I just love to crack my whip and have you at my feet begging me to take you on as my new pet and play thing, to use and abuse . I love the whole blackmail and kidnap scenario as well discussin gin depth with you how i will kidnap you and blackmail you. Take you as my slave hostage.You can also visit andif i decide that is what you must do after all your life belongs to me slave and no wim going to play with you haha!

                              Blackmail live stories

I will be using this blog to blog about  pathetic slaves journeys in blackmail, these slaves will already be slaves of mine  who are already being blackmailed by mistress and sometimes Master if they are a cuckold blackmailed slave.

Mistress will keep jornals of there blackmail journey and blog about them and if they doin't do as told or fail me i will be posting there pictures  for all to see.

I will have so much evidence on you pictures of you in compromising positions, pictures of you holding signs with your name and so much more. Have do do the most humiliating of tasks including writing blogs and journals for me OR ELSE!I will send you to view  and make dates with them

I will change your name to what i want it to be and  i will decide what tye of thing you will become. YOU WILL NEVER QUESTION ME! You will sign your contract and do as i say when i say

Now start by signing up to some of the free links i have posted for you to visit other mistresses
and also don't forget to mail me ukmistresslivecam(@)

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Mistress loves to be adored and admired by her slaves. Mistress loves to be spoiled with amazing gifts and luxuries, So if you want to get in my good books then get spending .
I hate time wasters who have no intention of becomign a true blackmailed slave if this decribes you then stop reading an dmove on.

My time is precious.

If you want to get in my good books then show me ..... Open that wallet and pay up now!
Visit  and  right here

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