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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blackmail Mistress

                           Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Mistress will be back on webcam on Wednesday ready to abuse all her pathetic grovelling blackmailed slaves. Some of you know i had to be off for a couple of weeks  but i will be back on Wednesday ready to use and abuse and blackmail my pathetic grovelling slaves.

Blackmail is such a fun scenario for me as a blackmail Mistress when i start to weedle all that information out you  knowing how scared and worried you are but yet i get so much fun seeing you  grovelling and begging me not to spill your little secrets. Well as you know the black mail fantasy is about fantasy roleplay but i love to see just how far you will go with keeping me happy and proving that you are a worthy slave ( which i doubt)

I want my blackmail losers and new blackmail losers who have been thinking about dablling in the blackmail fetish, to start thinking of their fantasies of it. How it would  it work? what would be the ultimate ? would it be when i have total control of your life? Or would you not get that far ? Think about these thinsg before you come into my so we don't waste time.

My time is precious and you should be so happy i bother to deal with you, thats a good old hard fact!

So this was just a quick update to say i will be back on Wednesday night  ready to meet some new slaves who want to try the whole blackmail fantasy /blackmail fetish. I love the whole humiliation of it.

Just to keep things right it is always consenual blackmail, it is what we will both agree to and do in a fantasy situation.

Want to try out your blackmail humiliation? or your blackmail Domination? or your blackmail fantasy then click here and

Femdom and how much Mistress loves every single aspect of and being superior over you the little loser, to have you crawl at my feet and worship me and adore me and look up to me admiring my power and authority over you the pathetic little weak loser, that you are and always be. Femdom has always interested me  as well as every single aspect of humiliation. Live humiliation for example 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Humiliate Me- I just came accross this personals site

           Humiliate Me personals and dating

As always with updating this Blackmail blog and knowing the types of losers who are reading it on a daily basis I stumbled across a site to do with bdsm and Mistresses its a personals sites where you make your own free profile and you can chat online with people in your area . It is well worth a look for losers like you. It's is full of Mistresses and subs, chat rooms and people who are genuinely interested in all levels of Bdsm.

It's a bit like a dating site but it' is bdsm dating instead.I had a quick nosey and signed up to see what it was all about and there was thousands of profiles online.

Let me know what you think of it
I selected though Humiliate me sign up page as that is exactly what little losers like you needs

   Some of you have asked me how you can find like minded partners into bdsm

Well this site is a step in the right direction as it is full of like minded people who love bdsm  whether to be domination or humiliation, the folks on this site love the alternative lifestyle so check it out
Live femdom webcam chats from very serious mistresses who just love nothing more than to degrade and use you.
If you enjoy a particular fetish no matter what it is then these  have everythign you will ever need for a strict no nonsense domination cam shows.
s from women who just love to mean and cruel. They love to rip you apart bit by bit. They love to see you grovel and weap. They love to make your pathetic life a misery 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New blackmail domain name

                      New Blackmail Name

So Mistress decided to update this blog with it's very own domain name instead of .BlogSpot. So just so you can all update your bookmarks the domain name is now Very simple name for very simple slaves to remember! Well I am hopeful that you will remember but who knows with some of the pathetic losers I have to deal with on a daily basis.

I know some of you have signed up to join me on webcam I will be returning on Monday and ready to abuse each and every one of you.

Watch this space for not onlu blackmail blog posts of humiliation and blackmail posts of domination but also updates of when your blackmail mistress will be online taking  my blackmailed slaves to the next level.

Have you not joined me yet? Then get a move on I am waiting to get my claws into you

Join me here loser

I am waiting to blackmail you and own you.


Blackmail Humiliation By Blackmail Mistress

     Blackmail Humiliation by Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Humiliation by a Cruel,Sadistic , ruthless Blackmail Mistress. It's time to post some pictures of some of my pathetic little blackmailed slaves. Yes Mistress, No mistress 3 bags full Mistress but Still not good enough to make it into my good books.

You see when i say Jump you say how high loser! When i tell you a task must be completed by 12 noon on a Wednesday then i expect you to be waiting on me ready to prove the task was indeed done.

If i don't feel you completed your task to my expectations then that's when your life spirals out of control, think of a roller coaster and how it makes you feel well this would be 100 times worth of an adrenalin rush.

So Ready to submit to me and test out the whole blackmail humiliation by the best blackmail Mistress online who has been doing this for 13 years. If so then w and wait for me to come back online.

your favourite  and let's get this blackmail fantasy lived out once and for all!

I want to get inside your head and if there is a weakness i guarantee you i will find it and i will use it to my advantage.

blackmailed slave punished, blackmail mistress, sissy blackmailed

sissy blackmailed, blackmailed sissy, blackmail mistess

This is what happens when sissies disobey me they ordered to come and visit me and they are reprimanded, this sissy was given e-stims electrics and panties stuck in her sissy mouth and i put her on webcam for other sluts,slaves,sissies to watch.

I took great satisfaction watching her as i took her mobile phone and jotted down important numbers she had withheld from me hahahahahahahaaa!!!!!

Consensual blackmail is a lot of fun for me, i just love to see how far you will go .

More Consensual Blackmail Mistresses who love Humiliation listed below

Femdom power and control. Are you ready to have a femdom humiliation show or a domination show then look no further than live femdoms who are live now ready to own and control you on live webcam, they love to have the power over weak,pathetic useless little things like you, they love  and laughing at you for your lack of size.   

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Blackmail Domination

Blackmail Domination

Blackmail Domination live online blackmail cam shows. You are the pathetic one who has stumbled across my blackmail domination blog and you are so tempted to join me in the blackmail scenario.Maybe you are new to my blog or maybe you have been here a few times before so eager so tempted to press that button and arrange a blackmail domination webcam show with me.

I am eager and waiting because i know one day you will arrive, your fantasy will get so much that you have to live it out, and i will be there waiting  for you!

You wont escape my clutches, once i have your information  you become mine, you become my toy my playmate my game. I love to play head games with my blackmail slaves. Leave them wondering and thinking. Will Mistress expose me? What do i need to do to keep Mistress quiet?

Will Mistress expose me?

I bet you ask yourself this question daily. How can i please my Mistress? Will she keep my secret safe? I must obey my mistress at all times or YES she will expose me.If she exposes me th egame s over and she wins.

 now and take the journey into consenual blackmail let's see just how far you will go to keep me quiet to keep me away from your facebook your teamviewer, your twitter, your work and your life.

You can visit other blackmail Domination Mistresses by visitng the  blackmail domination sites below

Monday, 22 July 2013

Blackmail Mistresses Live on webcam

     Blackmail Mistresses live on webcam - blackmail fantasy

So you are still looking fora blackmail Mistress online to control you and to squeeze every last piece of information from you?

Then look no further than this blackmail blog all about Blackmail Mistresses and blackmail roleplay. I have listed so many blackmail webcamsites where Mistresses love to squeeze every detail out of you and use to their own advantage.

Is it a blackmail contract that excites you? do you think about blackmail with financial domination? Or perhaps you have the fantasy of how a mistress will ruin her slaves life and leave him with nothing.

Blackmail fantasy form blackmail webcam mistresses online now who are ready to take you to the next level of your blackmail fantasy.Join me now n webcam at this link and come into video chat and lets start your blackmail fantasy contract or discuss how i will keep you as my property and my  toy to  play with.

So are you ready for your blackmail Humiliation and blackmail domination on webcam? then Join me here or select from one of the findom blackmail mistress webcams below.

You can also choose from the lackmail humilaition Mistresses webcams below just click and enter and tell them you are here because you are a weak pathetic useless slave who needs blackmailed and humiliated.

So now that you have browsed and at least met your demons and decided to take the next step in your blackmail humiliaiton journey with a blackmail Mistress it is time  to get that contract on the go don't you think?

Or perhaps you need to be named on my blog with picture next to it?
Another  blackmail webcam site below with blackmail dommes who love findomme

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blackmailing trannys and sissies on webcam

      Blackmailing trannys and sissies on webcam 

Blackmailing my trannys and sissies on webcam is so much fun. You have found my blog so welcome to my trap slave! Are you a sissy or tranny or maybe even a shemale looking to test out the blackmail roleplay on webcam? Are you ready to divulge all your personal secrets to Mistress? Does the thought scare you but excite you? If you answered yes to this then you are on the right blog.

           Welcome to Ukmistresslives blog of hell and humiliation on webcam.

So sissys are you ready to chat with me live now? Are you ready to have your picture taken and go out and earn for me or i divulge your dark secrets to the world? Are you ready to be owned and controlled, verbally abused, punished and degraded if you do not do as you are told.

Oh no what would wifey say if she found out your little secret? If she found out you raid her panty drawer when her back is turned, if she found out you wear her panties on webcam for a mistress. Mistress loves  to make you wear frilly sissy panties and then take a picture of you . Mistress also loves to see you doing humiliating things on webcam.

Teamviewer Webcam Mistress I love to humiliate

 Teamviewer webcam mistress who loves nothing more than to control your computer whilst in a webcam show. oh what will mistress find on your computer when she searches and controls it using teamviewer? Will she find porn, will she find secret pictures of you or your holiday snaps? Just think what Mistress cold do with all that information. Do you dare take the challenge loser?

Ready for the challenge loser? Ready to be blackmailed by UKS no1 blackmail Mistress if so then click here sign up and wait for me to come online let's see how fast your heart rate goes once i  have my claws into you.

Ready to take the challenge? then join me here

More online blackmail Mistress below. Don't forget to tell them why you are there. You are there to be controlled, abused and used as well as Blackmailed


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Webcam blackmail live

           Webcam Blackmail live on  webcam

If wondered what it be like to be put under pressure and told that you must obey Mistresses every word or everyone would find out your secret? It's an adrenalin rush to you, excitement the buzz of being owned and controlled this way. Well i am here to put you through it. The question is can you handle it?

I do live webcam sessions from  I do all different types of Blackmail roleplay with you, from teamviewer blackmail roleplays, to facebook blackmail roleplays, to getting pictures  and videos of you to use against you or even getting some personal information from you.

Once i have all of this information you become my puppet my "yes mistress" puppet who will do anything just to keep your secret safe.

I love the look on your face when i start to write down information about you whilst we are in a blackmail webcam show, the reactions and fear and me knowing that your heart will be racing 100mph as i write everything down and look at you with that evil grin that say " i have you by the balls now"

Do you think you could cope with this type of session? do you want to experience blackmail mistress live on webcam if so then  and join up and have a session with me live now!

I do hope you have a webcam as well as i do love the reactions, the facial expressions  the look in your eyes of fear as i tell you how much i could damage you, control you and own you.

I also love blackmail contracts so if you are looking for contractual blackmail with me then

You can also visit some of the other Blackmail mistresses live on webcam by visiting the chats below. Just make sure to tell them you are there to be blackmailed, to be used to become the puppet on the string, to be given deadlines that YOU must meet..... Oh no what about wifey? what about girlfriend? what about twitter friends?  what about work mates? ohhhh please dont publish my  photos on your blogs and website Mistress!!!  Mistress i will pay you what you need! I will be posting a blog soon of all the funny excuses my pathetic blackmailed slaves and blackmailed sissies  say when they have not met their deadlines ( dangerous road to go down) You can however buy yourself out of the trouble but that is only when you are in a contractual blackmail contract with mistress.

Have a look at the site below with live Mistresses available now to chat live

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My blackmail webcam shows

                Ready to  take the next step?

Mistress wants to see you! You have been coming to this blog for months now, I know you are tempted and you know you are tempted, you just can not resist it anymore. Yes IT'S time loser, time to come into my webcam chat room of hell and submit to me. Time to put your life in my hands, time to be owned by Mistress, to be controlled by Mistress infact it's time to come in and meet me.

You can find me here loser and by clicking this link and joining  is admitting to yourself and to me that you are indeed a loser 

Done! Now that was not hard at all was it? You know your are a loser, you know it's time to join and come and chat to me live on webcam and submit to me. I love blackmail fantasy roleplay, I love ownership and I love the things you will do for me to keep my silence. Are you still thinking slave? Just how weak are you then? Come on prove to yourself you can resist 

Join up now and come in and schedule your  blackmail webcam show with Mistress. Don't forget to tell me you are visiting me to be blackmailed or to learn more about it.

What about this loser? another blackmailed owned slave , could you be next?

Mistress is waiting now to use you so join up and let's get started on your new life. You know you need it.

Perhaps it's time I force you to dress up and get out sucking cock for me ?
Perhaps it time I made you eat your own cum for me?
Perhaps it's time I made you wear panties to your work every day?
So many tasks that  could be about to change your life

Other webcam Mistresses can be found here

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Blackmailed sissy slut on webcam

               Blackmailed sissy slut on webcam

Been a while since Mistress posted but don't worry I am back to totally ruin you and  have you sweating on a daily basis  about what I can and will do with you to get what I want when I want!

I  love the power of having my pathetic slaves on their knees begging me to release them and knowing  that their fate is in my hands. Will I post their pictures will I announce on their  face book pages about their little secrets. Will I tell their boss about them or will I just have fun making them sweat.

                               Blackmail webcam Mistress

There is so many blackmail Mistresses out there to choose from and finding the real blackmail mistresses who really enjoy the power of blackmail and to watch your world fall apart can be hard to find. I have created some links on this blog of sites that have Blackmail Mistresses who are waiting to abuse you and use you on a daily basis. To make sure you meet their demands and to be contracted to them. I love contracted blackmailed slaves to sit and watch them sign that contract and email it back knowing their fate is now in my hands gets me so horny!!!! These Mistresses love the power the authority to watch weak men cry to watch weak men sweat and worry. You had better make sure you do your tasks on time or you will be listed everywhere watch out loser!!
Meet my dirty little sissy slut who was warned I she did not do as she was told she would appear on this blog  as well as many other blogs and guess what? She disobeyed me so here she is

She was made to cum on her face which she hates and made to taste it which I know she hates as well as her pictures shared on this blog, She had better be careful because next time  the hood will be removed and she will be exposed!!!

Watch More Mistresses live here