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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Blackmail Humiliation By Blackmail Mistress

     Blackmail Humiliation by Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Humiliation by a Cruel,Sadistic , ruthless Blackmail Mistress. It's time to post some pictures of some of my pathetic little blackmailed slaves. Yes Mistress, No mistress 3 bags full Mistress but Still not good enough to make it into my good books.

You see when i say Jump you say how high loser! When i tell you a task must be completed by 12 noon on a Wednesday then i expect you to be waiting on me ready to prove the task was indeed done.

If i don't feel you completed your task to my expectations then that's when your life spirals out of control, think of a roller coaster and how it makes you feel well this would be 100 times worth of an adrenalin rush.

So Ready to submit to me and test out the whole blackmail humiliation by the best blackmail Mistress online who has been doing this for 13 years. If so then w and wait for me to come back online.

your favourite  and let's get this blackmail fantasy lived out once and for all!

I want to get inside your head and if there is a weakness i guarantee you i will find it and i will use it to my advantage.

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This is what happens when sissies disobey me they ordered to come and visit me and they are reprimanded, this sissy was given e-stims electrics and panties stuck in her sissy mouth and i put her on webcam for other sluts,slaves,sissies to watch.

I took great satisfaction watching her as i took her mobile phone and jotted down important numbers she had withheld from me hahahahahahahaaa!!!!!

Consensual blackmail is a lot of fun for me, i just love to see how far you will go .

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Femdom power and control. Are you ready to have a femdom humiliation show or a domination show then look no further than live femdoms who are live now ready to own and control you on live webcam, they love to have the power over weak,pathetic useless little things like you, they love  and laughing at you for your lack of size.   

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