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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blackmail Mistress

                           Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Mistress will be back on webcam on Wednesday ready to abuse all her pathetic grovelling blackmailed slaves. Some of you know i had to be off for a couple of weeks  but i will be back on Wednesday ready to use and abuse and blackmail my pathetic grovelling slaves.

Blackmail is such a fun scenario for me as a blackmail Mistress when i start to weedle all that information out you  knowing how scared and worried you are but yet i get so much fun seeing you  grovelling and begging me not to spill your little secrets. Well as you know the black mail fantasy is about fantasy roleplay but i love to see just how far you will go with keeping me happy and proving that you are a worthy slave ( which i doubt)

I want my blackmail losers and new blackmail losers who have been thinking about dablling in the blackmail fetish, to start thinking of their fantasies of it. How it would  it work? what would be the ultimate ? would it be when i have total control of your life? Or would you not get that far ? Think about these thinsg before you come into my so we don't waste time.

My time is precious and you should be so happy i bother to deal with you, thats a good old hard fact!

So this was just a quick update to say i will be back on Wednesday night  ready to meet some new slaves who want to try the whole blackmail fantasy /blackmail fetish. I love the whole humiliation of it.

Just to keep things right it is always consenual blackmail, it is what we will both agree to and do in a fantasy situation.

Want to try out your blackmail humiliation? or your blackmail Domination? or your blackmail fantasy then click here and

Femdom and how much Mistress loves every single aspect of and being superior over you the little loser, to have you crawl at my feet and worship me and adore me and look up to me admiring my power and authority over you the pathetic little weak loser, that you are and always be. Femdom has always interested me  as well as every single aspect of humiliation. Live humiliation for example 

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