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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blackmailing trannys and sissies on webcam

      Blackmailing trannys and sissies on webcam 

Blackmailing my trannys and sissies on webcam is so much fun. You have found my blog so welcome to my trap slave! Are you a sissy or tranny or maybe even a shemale looking to test out the blackmail roleplay on webcam? Are you ready to divulge all your personal secrets to Mistress? Does the thought scare you but excite you? If you answered yes to this then you are on the right blog.

           Welcome to Ukmistresslives blog of hell and humiliation on webcam.

So sissys are you ready to chat with me live now? Are you ready to have your picture taken and go out and earn for me or i divulge your dark secrets to the world? Are you ready to be owned and controlled, verbally abused, punished and degraded if you do not do as you are told.

Oh no what would wifey say if she found out your little secret? If she found out you raid her panty drawer when her back is turned, if she found out you wear her panties on webcam for a mistress. Mistress loves  to make you wear frilly sissy panties and then take a picture of you . Mistress also loves to see you doing humiliating things on webcam.

Teamviewer Webcam Mistress I love to humiliate

 Teamviewer webcam mistress who loves nothing more than to control your computer whilst in a webcam show. oh what will mistress find on your computer when she searches and controls it using teamviewer? Will she find porn, will she find secret pictures of you or your holiday snaps? Just think what Mistress cold do with all that information. Do you dare take the challenge loser?

Ready for the challenge loser? Ready to be blackmailed by UKS no1 blackmail Mistress if so then click here sign up and wait for me to come online let's see how fast your heart rate goes once i  have my claws into you.

Ready to take the challenge? then join me here

More online blackmail Mistress below. Don't forget to tell them why you are there. You are there to be controlled, abused and used as well as Blackmailed


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