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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My blackmail webcam shows

                Ready to  take the next step?

Mistress wants to see you! You have been coming to this blog for months now, I know you are tempted and you know you are tempted, you just can not resist it anymore. Yes IT'S time loser, time to come into my webcam chat room of hell and submit to me. Time to put your life in my hands, time to be owned by Mistress, to be controlled by Mistress infact it's time to come in and meet me.

You can find me here loser and by clicking this link and joining  is admitting to yourself and to me that you are indeed a loser 

Done! Now that was not hard at all was it? You know your are a loser, you know it's time to join and come and chat to me live on webcam and submit to me. I love blackmail fantasy roleplay, I love ownership and I love the things you will do for me to keep my silence. Are you still thinking slave? Just how weak are you then? Come on prove to yourself you can resist 

Join up now and come in and schedule your  blackmail webcam show with Mistress. Don't forget to tell me you are visiting me to be blackmailed or to learn more about it.

What about this loser? another blackmailed owned slave , could you be next?

Mistress is waiting now to use you so join up and let's get started on your new life. You know you need it.

Perhaps it's time I force you to dress up and get out sucking cock for me ?
Perhaps it time I made you eat your own cum for me?
Perhaps it's time I made you wear panties to your work every day?
So many tasks that  could be about to change your life

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