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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Webcam blackmail live

           Webcam Blackmail live on  webcam

If wondered what it be like to be put under pressure and told that you must obey Mistresses every word or everyone would find out your secret? It's an adrenalin rush to you, excitement the buzz of being owned and controlled this way. Well i am here to put you through it. The question is can you handle it?

I do live webcam sessions from  I do all different types of Blackmail roleplay with you, from teamviewer blackmail roleplays, to facebook blackmail roleplays, to getting pictures  and videos of you to use against you or even getting some personal information from you.

Once i have all of this information you become my puppet my "yes mistress" puppet who will do anything just to keep your secret safe.

I love the look on your face when i start to write down information about you whilst we are in a blackmail webcam show, the reactions and fear and me knowing that your heart will be racing 100mph as i write everything down and look at you with that evil grin that say " i have you by the balls now"

Do you think you could cope with this type of session? do you want to experience blackmail mistress live on webcam if so then  and join up and have a session with me live now!

I do hope you have a webcam as well as i do love the reactions, the facial expressions  the look in your eyes of fear as i tell you how much i could damage you, control you and own you.

I also love blackmail contracts so if you are looking for contractual blackmail with me then

You can also visit some of the other Blackmail mistresses live on webcam by visiting the chats below. Just make sure to tell them you are there to be blackmailed, to be used to become the puppet on the string, to be given deadlines that YOU must meet..... Oh no what about wifey? what about girlfriend? what about twitter friends?  what about work mates? ohhhh please dont publish my  photos on your blogs and website Mistress!!!  Mistress i will pay you what you need! I will be posting a blog soon of all the funny excuses my pathetic blackmailed slaves and blackmailed sissies  say when they have not met their deadlines ( dangerous road to go down) You can however buy yourself out of the trouble but that is only when you are in a contractual blackmail contract with mistress.

Have a look at the site below with live Mistresses available now to chat live

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