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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Webcam Blackmail Live With Cruella

                        WEBCAM BLACKMAIL

Webcam blackmail with the devilish online Mistress Cruella is not for the squeamish. This online femdom will reduce you to a nervous quivering wreck as you tremble before her, begging her not to tell your wife your dirty little secrets or to post your little pantie wearing pictures online. Don't be fooled by the long flowing hair or soft look of online webcam Mistress Cruella. This online femdom expert will make you her bitch exactly 3 seconds after she has all your webcam blackmail info. She will use your deepest darkest fantasies to get what she wants.
Live webcam mistress Cruella is an expert manipulator and will have your phone number, wife's phone number, where you live, where your friends live and your passwords within minutes. If you have a breast fetish she will use her impressive 36D chest to make you a weak slavering moron. if you have an ass fetish she will push her tight toned ass RIGHT up to your live femdom cam to get what she wants. Doesn't matter because she WILL get your info and she WILL use it to bend you into what she wants. If you're a sissy, the webcam will have you parading around in your sissy panties or your little sissy dress for her amusement. And if you don't? Well, wifey gets a phone call! And if you don't want to wear your panties? Tough. Webcam blackmail is about what SHE wants, not you. If you're into fandom this is her favourite. Who wouldn't want a human atm to call to pay for her take away? Or force to pay her bills? Imagine online Mistress Cruella waving a notebook with your details while telling you to go and pay her credit card bill. is that getting you hard? Well, online femdom Mistress, Cruella will have you doing just that. She will never get tired of having you, the webcam blackmail moron, running around panicking to keep her happy so she doesn't spill her guts. its what webcam blackmail is all about. 

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Blackmail Chats with A blackmail Mistress

                           Blackmail Mistress

          Blackmail Mistress is here and ready to rob your mind and thoughts

So today I though tit was time to humiliate some more of my real time sissys  from webcam as well as some of my real time sissys from webcam is waiting on live webcam to play with your thoughts and mind now. The question is always can you handle it? I am on live blackmail webcam now waiting to use you, humiliate you make you sweat, degrade you. I am waiting for new slaves to come my way so I can have some fun with you.I love nothing more than grovelling sissies on webcam and doing live sissy webcam shows as well as
Cold bath and humiliation by mop for this pathetic little blackmailed sissy. I love humiliating my blackmailed slaves and making them do the most outrageous things for me  while I sit and laugh my head off. You know you have to please me it is your job after all or I spill the beans about your little secret .Now get your pathetic loser asses into se eme live now on webcam and start your humiliation journey with 
It's just not enough that I love humiliating my slaves live on cam or in real I also love blackmail contracts and discussing the whole blackmail fantasy.
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I bet you know how much already that us femdom Mistresses want to own and control and use and abuse you it's no secret how much we love and every area of owning and controlling our weak slaves. Perhaps it's and it's time for Mistress to laugh out loud at your little things

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sissy Debbie the humiliated blackmailed sissy slut

So I had the pleasure of chatting to Debbie last night on webcam and what a great time I had with this little sissy slut. You see Debbie has always craved being exposed and  when it came to it last night she got very close to that happening to her.

Debbie was in a hotel in London all dressed see pics below. She was telling me how exciting it would be if I demanded a man came to her room for her to suck and that she had no option but to do as she was told.

Mistress instantly loved the idea and sent Debbie to Birchplace to put up a classified add looking for men to come and visit her, this terrified her but excited her the squeals and giggles from this little sissy slut on webcam were so amusing to Mistress.

Mistress then ordered Debbie to masturbate on webcam and told Debbie that soon the whole of birchplace would be invited to watch her on webcam !

Mistress then took some screen captures of Debbie and threatened to send them to the hotel should Debbie not tell Mistress her room number. Debbie immediately told Mistress the hotel and room number as she knew I was going to call the hotel and say she fancied the manager hahah! This was a thrilling and exciting idea to Debbie but she was also panicking and her adrenalin was going 100 miles an hour. She quickly squirted all over the place.

Had a great time with Debbie and I still think she should be made to masturbate on webcam  for hundreds of men as mistress directs it

If anyone wants her email then drop me a line I may need to send you to this little slut sometime soon if she does not behave haha!!!

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mistress on webcam

Right all you pathetic little losers. It's time to get your pathetic finger out your ass and come and see me live. I am bored waiting about for you and i am online now waiting to rip you a new one!!

Time for  your humiliation little piggies. Come forward to Mistress now for the  abuse you so deserve for the ownership you so crave i am ready to take control of your pathetic existence loser boy!!!

so get over and join up and come in and see me.

I love to use sissies and abuse them on webcam  so if you are a sissy looking to be used abused humiliated and degraded as well as blackmailed on webcam then I AM WAITING FOR YOU!!!!

All other weak pathetic grovelling slaves hurry up and come see me let's discuss how to turn your fantasy dream into a live roleplay right now!

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On that note more pics of a humiliated slave on webcam
Mistress has also acquired another domain name which i will let you all know soon what it is. Its a mistress/sissy type domain the journey of one of my sissys  and i am looking for more slaves/sissies to let me use them to humiliate them  by getting a domain name dedicated to them. :-))) if you enjoy shemales on cam then check out these gorgeous