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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sissy Debbie the humiliated blackmailed sissy slut

So I had the pleasure of chatting to Debbie last night on webcam and what a great time I had with this little sissy slut. You see Debbie has always craved being exposed and  when it came to it last night she got very close to that happening to her.

Debbie was in a hotel in London all dressed see pics below. She was telling me how exciting it would be if I demanded a man came to her room for her to suck and that she had no option but to do as she was told.

Mistress instantly loved the idea and sent Debbie to Birchplace to put up a classified add looking for men to come and visit her, this terrified her but excited her the squeals and giggles from this little sissy slut on webcam were so amusing to Mistress.

Mistress then ordered Debbie to masturbate on webcam and told Debbie that soon the whole of birchplace would be invited to watch her on webcam !

Mistress then took some screen captures of Debbie and threatened to send them to the hotel should Debbie not tell Mistress her room number. Debbie immediately told Mistress the hotel and room number as she knew I was going to call the hotel and say she fancied the manager hahah! This was a thrilling and exciting idea to Debbie but she was also panicking and her adrenalin was going 100 miles an hour. She quickly squirted all over the place.

Had a great time with Debbie and I still think she should be made to masturbate on webcam  for hundreds of men as mistress directs it

If anyone wants her email then drop me a line I may need to send you to this little slut sometime soon if she does not behave haha!!!

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