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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blackmail whore Debbie again

Well it's been a while since i updated this blackmail blog so here goes. I will start off with my blackmail session with the whore Debbie delight again, i had such a great time destroying and threatening this little bitch. She was back at her hotel again   and told me she had this fantasy of being dressed up as a naughty school boy with grey knee length shorts and a little cap and being put over a strict masters knee and spanked, of course i loved this idea and told Debbie this is something that should be arranged. If debbie does not do as Mistress tells her then Mistress will find a master online and the next time debbie is at her hotel for work ( which is often) then Mistress will be sending a strict man to her door to spank and abuse her as mistress watches. she loves to show off her juicy
 Debbie knows Mistress does not fool around and will indeed send her a visitor as Mistress has threatened to call  the hotels manager  to tell him about Mrs Debbie delights goings on behind closed doors. The last time Mistress had a chat with Debbie Mistress insisted she post some adds online looking to be punished by men, she posted her first add on birch place and the next add on craigslists, well Debbie got 2 responses which she forwarded to Mistress so remember Debbie i know your hotel and room number and real name so anything could happen the next time you are in that room a little chap at the door and a strict man holding a cane or slipper ready to pull your panties down infront of many free cam viewers and spank you for being so naughty oh and pictures for the world to see

Here is some of the little slut debbies pictures. She nees some hardcore

Look at just how much of a slut this little blackmailed sissy is. She needs to be used and Mistress is looking for any offers to use this bitch

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Little scrubber that is exactly what this sissy maid is a toilete whore, a toilete scrubber she needs fucked as she is bent over that pan. and the bottle of flash pushed deeply into her ass

Please do leave some comments for this blackmailed slut to read as i am pretty sure she is watching this blog wondering if i will post pictures i think she knows by now i don't pretend and that i do EXACTLY what i say i am going to do.

Debbie has been warned that should Mistress decide she work online as a tranny on webcam she will be applying for a job  

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