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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Blackmailed loser John M

The Blackmail Loser John

Some of you may remember this video I posted about this pathetic blackmailed loser a while ago. Just in case you have not seen it before you can read it here. I have known this pathetic, cuck, loser, sub, wanker, idiot for a few years now both online and offline which is unfortunate for me I suppose.
He has paid many fines for not following my rules and he knows full well i will not hesitate in contacting his wife on Facebook referred to as the "cunt" i have all his personal details real address, phone number and every bit of information i need to make his life a living hell. He belongs to master and I and is our pathetic little cuck you only need to see the size of his small penis to see what I mean pics will be added soon. He has paid money towards my wedding rings and my honeymoon fund at the start of the year so as master and I could have a great time as he enjoyed the pleasure of paying the debt and believe me he will be paying for a lot more.
We want him to go shopping with us  so he can buy me loads of sexy lingerie and then be made to sit and watch master and I having sex as he is locked away in chastity unable to play with his little party sausage

I have decided if he does not pay up or stick to his tasks on time I will post  his wife's Facebook here and anyone can pass on the message to her about this pathetic loser
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This pathetic loser told me tonight he had had sex with the cunt without asking my permission so he failed YET AGAIN in his blackmail duties and I decided he could pay a fine or I tell his wife everything ( i do have her Facebook) so it would not take me long to email her and let her know.

Here is his begging email


I apologise for breaking your rules with regard to any sexual acts with my wife. I understand that the rules are as follows:

I must never refer to her by name when communicating with you, only as cunt, whore or it.

Sexual contact of any kind with her and me can only be undertaken if I am ordered to by you, or I have begged for your permission in advance.

You have expressly told me she is to be regarded as your whore and any sexual contact between us must be paid for.
I won’t do it again Mistress and I know you have decided to fine me £50 for breaking your rules. I also know I am expected to beg for this fine Mistress and thank you for imposing it on me.
I have no excuses for breaking the rules Mistress, please, please allow me to pay a fine for this. I know I deserve the punishment and I know if I don’t behave you have made it clear that you will have no hesitation in letting your whore know everything. So I really am begging you for this fine instead of you telling her about me being your slave. Please, please don’t tell her Mistress, please let me pay the £50 I am begging you. You’ve already told me you would love to tell her to her face and watch how crushed she would be, I know how much you like the idea of telling her and it really makes me nervous. I will be very, very grateful if you would let me pay the fine instead Mistress and I promise not to make the same mistake again. I promise to be more restrained. I promise not to have any sexual contact again unless I am given permission or ordered to by you.
So please Mistress can I pay you the fine this time for my selfish actions. Please.


I think the next course of action is making him suck a trannys cock just for my amusement  so watch this space as I look into booking his very first tranny experience

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If any trannys out there are available please contact me right away as we have a booking for you  for the middle of November when this little loser returns from work

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