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Friday, 28 March 2014

Blackmailed sissy slave

If you have been reading some of the blog posts on this blog here, you will  be familiar with my pathetic little blackmailed cuck John. He paid for my wedding rings as well as sexy lingerie and always seems to fail me with tasks . Never on time replying to emails which costs him in fines.
He really does need a good date with a tranny and i have been looking to set this up for him, so if you are a cross dresser and looking to blackmail and use a little bitch like this then be sure to get in touch.

Blog post 1 of the journey of this pathetic cretin!

It is a strange feeling when you submit to someone, knowing that life will never be the same again. I don’t mean visiting a pro dome for an hour or even for a bit of a change in a personal relationship. I am talking about a Mistress who specialises in blackmail.
For me it was not a case of just getting in touch and asking to be blackmailed. I had several sessions with my Mistress before she stopped doing meetings. It was sometime after my last session that I seen she was on webcam, so I booked a session online.

It must have been about the 2nd session when she informed me that if I wanted to continue contact with her then just webcams were not good enough. I was told that she wanted all my details and I had to make my decision there and then. A lot was going through my mind, but almost in a trance I found myself answering all her questions. I obviously gave her my full name, my wife’s full name, out house address and telephone number, my email and my wife’s email address as well as out mobile phone numbers. Also she wanted to know both our places of work and the relevant phone numbers for there. I was also asked who the person I’d most like to find out about my dirty little secrets. Of course it was and still is my wife.
It was a very strange feeling when I had done this. I was then told that it would not only be her I had to be submissive to, but also her partner (who she was engaged to be married to). He soon joined Mistress on cam and laughed as she explained what had just occurred. I was massively embarrassed when Master was informed that my cock was tiny and I was made to display it. Master then displayed his, which was very large. Both laughed at my obvious discomfort as I was made to admit that Master was an Alpha male, where I was basically a nothing and would become their cuckold.
It was explained that my first task was to pay a weekly payment to them both so they could pay this towards their wedding rings and also some sexy underwear for the honeymoon. I was told not to be late with the payments or my wife might get a phone call asking why her useless husband was not keeping up with his payments.

I was too scared to do anything but obey. I know this is my Mistresses’ lifestyle, she is a genuine dominant and at times very sadistic too. I know my life was about to change and I wasn’t wrong.
The first set of rules concerned my wife. I was forbidden to use her name, from now on ‘Cunt’ was to be her title, however Mistress would accept ‘whore’ or ‘it’. Mistress was of course free to use Cunts real name, but not me. Sex with Cunt was also forbidden unless approved beforehand by Mistress. If so I’d have to pay Mistress a fee if I had sex with the Cunt. Making her essentially Mistresses whore.
And this was just the beginning, there would be more to come.

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