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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blackmail the Views of a Sub


Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Women are attracted to men that have it, just
as men have been drawn to rich and powerful women. Power exudes from those that have it
as the ultimate pheromone.

Power is irresistible.

Despite the intangible nature of it - you can hold it. You can FEEL it. You can give it
and you can TAKE it.

The ultimate rush. The thrill beyond any other - to lose such control that you no longer
own your own life, your actions become directed and the spiral into helpless obedience
is unstoppable.

The more power you lose... The greater the rush of adrenaline that courses through every
waking moment. You feel more alive than you have ever been before.

The buzz of your mobile as it vibrates becomes a sickening feeling in the pit of your
stomach. Is this Her? The one that now controls you? What does She want?

The relief when it is just another pointless email from your friends. Then the horrible
realisation of what could happen if they found out about you. What you have done,
willingly or not.

Blackmail screws with your perspective on everything.

And that... That is what makes it the ultimate submission.

It takes a lot of courage or stupidity some might say, to divulge your inner most secrets
to Mistress. Knowing full well that it increases Her hold over you with every word, every
picture she takes makes you more Her toy.

This is not for everyone. This is the base-jumping equivalent of submission. You stand on
the precipice of the mountain that is your life: Your friends, your family, your work and

Do you jump?

Do you give Her what She wants.

Or maybe it is what *you* want. what you NEED.

Some people think they crave submission but when it comes down to it they just want
someone who will lead them step by step through a fantasy. That is not submission.

To submit is to not make the choice. Whatever happens is out of your control, within
the limits you set.

That is why She exerts such a powerful hold over you, over any true submissive whether
blackmailed or not. Mistress loves to push at those limits... helps us to become better
subs for Her until in the end slavery to Her is our biggest desire.

For those in blackmail, Mistress has a very special connection and She really understands
how it works. Not for Her the 'Blah blah pay me money, blah' of some so-called dommes. (I
use the lowercase here deliberately, in my opinion these are just opportunists and not
true Dommes.)

With Mistress, the fall is slow but sure. Just read Her blogs to see this is true. Slaves
trapped within a web of their own lives all skilfully woven by Mistress. Lives made better
 by Mistress through Her power and control.

So you are sitting here wondering if you should jump into the abyss? To join Mistress'
collection of sluts, toys and sissys?

I urge you to jump if you dare. Then again, maybe it is too late and you are falling into
Mistress' control without realising it. Pushed with just a little help from Mistress.

Was I pushed or did I jump?

I no longer remember. That is how far She is into my head.

It is a long way down.

You can read my journey here here

Sunday, 20 April 2014

New pages added to blackmail Blog

Hello Losers,

If you Look to the right at the menu you will see i have started on some new pages. This is so Other loser subs who write blogs for me have their own pathetic place to call home and if you like to follow their journeys you can find it easily enough .

Right hand side Loser.I will also be adding some other types of pages to cover everthing in The whole bdsm and humiliation category.
So keep watching and checking back Losers! 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sissy maid slut blackmailed and given demands

Welcome to sissy slut hell, this nasty dirty little sissy is so worried and scared that i post all of her face pics that she has told me she would do anything for me that i demand of her in a cam show. Those who know me know that this is just music to my ears.
I decided to make good on that tonight and i had ordered this dirty little bitch to collect her cum loads for our next sesssion which she had done, this made me very happy indeed.
So the cam show begins and i get to happy snappy mode ( taking pictures) and i decide to show her windows movie maker, she asks me " why are you showing me that" so i explain to her that i was going to make a movie using her pictures and add it to you tube for all to see and i would use her real name and information.

This little bitch was almost in tears and begged me not to do that. I demanded she drink that glass of cum for me straight away which she did, i continued to share the pictures with her, all her pictures that would really be hell if they fell into the wrong hands.

This little sissy then told me she had to go do a pee..... Oh no you don't bitch you pee in that glass and then do what ever i decide you do with it or i EXPOSE YOU!!!!!
I made this little bitch work so hard tonight and every time it gets harder, she knows i would use all of her face pictures to blackmail her and let the world see what a dirty little bitch she is.
Her training will continue and she will of course have deadlines and things to do and if i am not happy then i tell the world it is as simple as that slut!!!
She was desperate to cum and i told her no but to keep wanking she told me she was close to cumming i laughed and told her if she came before i said so then i upload videos to you tube, what a predicament she was in. It was of course fun for Mistress and that is what it is all about

Blackmailed sissy Chastity

I am sure most of you remember the blackmailed sissy kev and his journey into forced chastity and panty wearing from now on. Yes i have decided he does not deserve to even touch that pathetic little clitty of his and i have had it locked away .
This little bitch will continue to post updates on his journey into hell, he knows he has to do everything i say because he does not want the world to know his little secret. Yes this is another dirty little slut who should be EXPOSED!!!


It has been such a hard week in chastity. After you drained your cock it was trapped again in its cage for you and I was overwhelmed by your power and control. I am helpless beneath you and you proved it again.

I have hated every day in the panties wondering if anyone will figure me out as a trapped slut. I can't look anyone in the eye the way I once did... Truly you have brought me to where I belong.

No one guesses as your cock strains in its prison but I know you have ultimate power and I belong to you and have no choice but to obey. The pulling at your balls as your cock strains reminds me constantly.

Every time I look in the mirror at those panties... So humiliating.. How I long to be rid of them but it is useless to ask, to beg and plead but I think of it. Knowing how you will laugh at what you are doing to me your toy.

I amuse you and you control me... A match made in anguish for me and joy for you. I am helpless for you it is useless to resist and I know as you and your followers read this you are enjoying my predicament.

So I remain your trapped locked up slut and ever yours after another week of denial and humiliation.

Dry you're eyes you pathetic dirty little slut, the Journey will get harder and harder.
It's time you were exposed perhaps B would like to know you are still being a slut or perhaps you're neighbours or work mates, it makes no difference to me who i tell.

Part one of this nasty little sluts journey

Ruined and Broken - Part 1

I was sitting naked and waiting at 9am in the morning, in the bedroom that was to become my prison. Mistress had spoken of Her desire to 'Get back in the swing of things' and resume my training as Her slave.

We had agreed that I would be available at Her disposal all day and as Her prisoner. I knew what this meant as Mistress had enjoyed these kind of sessions in the past... Having me completely at Her mercy for as long as She wanted. I was trapped and helpless and She knew it. I dare not resist Her - I adore Her, need Her control, fear Her wrath.

So there I sat naked and waiting. Time ticked by. Just because I was at Mistress' beck and call didn't mean that She had to be there at that time... She can turn up whenever She felt like it. She has the power. She is the Owner here.

Her cock strained impatiently in its cage, waiting for its Owner. I squirmed in discomfort and tried to calm down but my heart was racing. My Skype was set to auto answer so as not to inconvenience Her so I HAD TO ANSWER HER CALL INSTANTLY... 

Finally... the hours ticked by... then my PC was ringing and There SHE was... oh wow! My heart was beating a thousand times a minute!

"Hello Slutty! I'm glad to see you have followed my orders..."
 "Thank you Mistress, it is so good to see you again"
"Of course slut... You have had things far to easy in my absence so its time to put that right... We will be starting your training again and it will be hard... Understand?"
  "Yes Mistress" I replied. I saw the look in Her eyes and knew from experience how serious She was.
"Inspection Time Slut... let me see my property"

I showed Her cock locked up, tight in its prison. She smiled and i was relieved. I was ordered to take it out and show Her. As I opened it up and released Her cock from the small confines of the plastic cock cage it sprang free - proud and hard for it's owner.

Oh no! 

"That won't do slut" I could see the barely disguised anger at Her cock's impudence. Mistress hates it being hard without permission. It and I were going to pay.

"Get that paddle! Beat it down bitch!" 

I took the paddle and slapped it hard against the hardness, flinching in pain as it shot through my whole body.. "MORE! HARDER SLUT..." urged Mistress. I whacked it again and again beating Her cock into submission for its Owner.

"Good!" Said Mistress. She was smiling. I gulped nervously... Mistress was enjoying my pain. Good. I love to make Mistress happy but often, it means my suffering but that is the way it has to be. I don't have a choice any more.

"Make it hard! Start wanking! Come one Slut! dont keep me waiting" Mistress made my head spin, first soft then hard, she loves to mind fuck me and drive me crazy. 

I grasped Her  cock and thanked Her for letting me wank Her cock... it felt so good after being trapped for so long... I watched Mistress' beautiful body before me.. oh wow She is so perfect... so perfect... oh yes... oh god yes... "Please may I come Mistress?"

"No Hands off bitch!"
Oh god... right at the edge... my disappointment was all over my face and Mistress laughed.

"Start wanking... don't you love my perfect body" Oh yes I do... so much I love it... I love every inch of it and wish so much I could be there... so god.. Her cock twitches... I barely open my mouth to beg before "Hands OFF! Stop wanking." 

I moan pitifully in frustration. Mistress laughs and the smile lights Her eyes...

She keeps me on the edge until my head is gone... I can't think very clearly any more and I want to come so bad but every time I get close I take away my hand... Mistress cock is leaking. All I hear is laughter.

"Now slut..." She teases. I'm desperate. "Would you like to come?" I scream that I would, that I am so desperate, I again declare my devotion to Her. I beg... I plead... Mistress is loving every second.

"That is so good slutty.." Her cat like smile is back again... oh god... what torment awaits me now? "you can come orgasm slut... but only as I say..." Her trap is sprung and there is no way back for me now. 

"Its time to ruin you" She says as my face falls... Her laughter rings around my head. Its such a pretty sound for such a harbinger of despair...

Sissy Debbie Blackmailed

What can i say tonight about this dirty little slut Debbie? She stays in a hotel in london for three days a week and i insist that she get dressed up and come online and speak to me or else i tell the hotel manager and staff what she is up to. Yes Debbie the slut likes to think she is a respected person in that hotel and if they knew the truth the would probably ban her from every staying with them again. How humiliating would that be Debbie?
I have decided It's time this little sissy slut started to do some cam shows for a massive free audience, let them all watch and direct what happens to this pathetic little whore.I have warned Misssy slut face that it is matter of time before i arrange for some big butch guy to come over and spank her ass and make her suck his cock, and of course this little bitch would do just about anything because she is terrified  that i tell everyone her little secret. .

Everyone meet Debbie delight i know, what a name i mean she is far from a  delight she is really more of a disaster, she is a dirty sissy whore and she knows it.
Debbie was ordered to suck her juicy big dildo and wow did she gargle on that you could tell just how hungry she was for cock and i truly think this should happen for Debbie the slut  , a couple of guys coming round to abuse her and do what ever i demand of them.
Debbie is terrifed about the hotel staff finding out about her.
She knows i  would have no problems in calling them to tell them and emailing these pictures over to them as i am sure  they would know who she was right away.
Debbie the blackmailed sissy knows she must continue to keep Mistress happy and to continue with any tasks that she is told to do.
This is one very kinky dirty slut and i just love to see the look of pannick on her face when i lift my phone to call the hotel, she begs and pleads for me to put the phone down, it is hillarious.
Dirty, cheap cock sucking little whore deserves all she gets 

I think i will be getting this little bitch a job at it's time she actually started earning me some money.
If anyone reading this would like to have a crack at this cock loving whore then do comment underneath 
It's time some real men visited and treated her like the whore h is

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Financial domination written by slave

Another Blog post written by a pathetic slave who has been financially drained many times as well as blackmailed. He really is pathetic i told him i wanted 500 words but when i checked it turns out he wrote 474 words, that is just not good enough! He should know better than to make a stupid mistake like that

Now  he has to decide if i  fine him £40 or make him write 4000 words will keep you updated on my decision. He knows he has to do what ever i demand as i have to much on him, few clicks of the mouse and i end his world as he once knew it.The reason i am letting him decide is because i know he will hate both and struggle to choose one. He will reply in a comment for you all to see

Mistress, here is my essay as instructed. Hopefully it is OK for you.

thank you for the task

If you have established a relationship with a Mistress, either in real life or online then financial domination should be the next step in your devotion and submission to your Mistress.

It is one of the most submissive acts that a slave can undertake for his Mistress. Just think of the loss of power and control you would experience as your Mistress controlled your life. You would spend all day not knowing what her next demand would be or how much it will cost you, gradually being pulled deeper and deeper into her power.

Of course this can be taken to extreme lengths too. The Mistress may decide to keep increasing the steaks depending on how things are developing. Many slaves actually want this extreme form of financial control. Having no access to their bank accounts, their Mistress deciding on how much they can have to live on. Slowly and surely she can take you to the brink of ruin and turn you into nothing but a subservient money pig for her. Your life changed forever.
And don’t thing it is just the money the Mistress is interested in, although that is nice, it’s the power she has over the lowly slave that is just as important. The total power of controlling their slaves’ life, not for an hour or two, but for 24/7 is a very big attraction to many Mistresses.

Of course there are many levels this practice can be undertaken on. It works well with blackmail, all your details in the hands of your Mistress. If you upset her or fail to comply with her orders, will she phone your wife or friends or publish your details online? That should be enough to keep any slave in line.
Of course it doesn’t have to go down the extreme financial ruin route. If you have agreed limits beforehand, such as in a contract, then the Mistress will stick to these limits for the duration of the agreement. Unless of course you are so entwined in her web that you agree, or even beg, to be pushed harder.  That is the thing with submitting in this way, you just never know where it will lead as your Mistress gradually breaks down any will you have to resist her demands.

So really for all slaves thinking of going down this road then what you will experience is a loss of control and a level of service that you have never been subjected to before. A real sense of submission and of being owned but someone far superior than you are.
Sounds tempting.  Doesn’t it?

Wriiten by loser twat John

To see mistress live make sure to
or you can see other live dommes who just love financial ruin and to break you and ruin you this is what we live for as mistresses to watch you suffer. so if you are now ready to have your life ruined eneter the live chats right here mistress and