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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blackmail the Views of a Sub


Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Women are attracted to men that have it, just
as men have been drawn to rich and powerful women. Power exudes from those that have it
as the ultimate pheromone.

Power is irresistible.

Despite the intangible nature of it - you can hold it. You can FEEL it. You can give it
and you can TAKE it.

The ultimate rush. The thrill beyond any other - to lose such control that you no longer
own your own life, your actions become directed and the spiral into helpless obedience
is unstoppable.

The more power you lose... The greater the rush of adrenaline that courses through every
waking moment. You feel more alive than you have ever been before.

The buzz of your mobile as it vibrates becomes a sickening feeling in the pit of your
stomach. Is this Her? The one that now controls you? What does She want?

The relief when it is just another pointless email from your friends. Then the horrible
realisation of what could happen if they found out about you. What you have done,
willingly or not.

Blackmail screws with your perspective on everything.

And that... That is what makes it the ultimate submission.

It takes a lot of courage or stupidity some might say, to divulge your inner most secrets
to Mistress. Knowing full well that it increases Her hold over you with every word, every
picture she takes makes you more Her toy.

This is not for everyone. This is the base-jumping equivalent of submission. You stand on
the precipice of the mountain that is your life: Your friends, your family, your work and

Do you jump?

Do you give Her what She wants.

Or maybe it is what *you* want. what you NEED.

Some people think they crave submission but when it comes down to it they just want
someone who will lead them step by step through a fantasy. That is not submission.

To submit is to not make the choice. Whatever happens is out of your control, within
the limits you set.

That is why She exerts such a powerful hold over you, over any true submissive whether
blackmailed or not. Mistress loves to push at those limits... helps us to become better
subs for Her until in the end slavery to Her is our biggest desire.

For those in blackmail, Mistress has a very special connection and She really understands
how it works. Not for Her the 'Blah blah pay me money, blah' of some so-called dommes. (I
use the lowercase here deliberately, in my opinion these are just opportunists and not
true Dommes.)

With Mistress, the fall is slow but sure. Just read Her blogs to see this is true. Slaves
trapped within a web of their own lives all skilfully woven by Mistress. Lives made better
 by Mistress through Her power and control.

So you are sitting here wondering if you should jump into the abyss? To join Mistress'
collection of sluts, toys and sissys?

I urge you to jump if you dare. Then again, maybe it is too late and you are falling into
Mistress' control without realising it. Pushed with just a little help from Mistress.

Was I pushed or did I jump?

I no longer remember. That is how far She is into my head.

It is a long way down.

You can read my journey here here

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