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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sissy Debbie Blackmailed

What can i say tonight about this dirty little slut Debbie? She stays in a hotel in london for three days a week and i insist that she get dressed up and come online and speak to me or else i tell the hotel manager and staff what she is up to. Yes Debbie the slut likes to think she is a respected person in that hotel and if they knew the truth the would probably ban her from every staying with them again. How humiliating would that be Debbie?
I have decided It's time this little sissy slut started to do some cam shows for a massive free audience, let them all watch and direct what happens to this pathetic little whore.I have warned Misssy slut face that it is matter of time before i arrange for some big butch guy to come over and spank her ass and make her suck his cock, and of course this little bitch would do just about anything because she is terrified  that i tell everyone her little secret. .

Everyone meet Debbie delight i know, what a name i mean she is far from a  delight she is really more of a disaster, she is a dirty sissy whore and she knows it.
Debbie was ordered to suck her juicy big dildo and wow did she gargle on that you could tell just how hungry she was for cock and i truly think this should happen for Debbie the slut  , a couple of guys coming round to abuse her and do what ever i demand of them.
Debbie is terrifed about the hotel staff finding out about her.
She knows i  would have no problems in calling them to tell them and emailing these pictures over to them as i am sure  they would know who she was right away.
Debbie the blackmailed sissy knows she must continue to keep Mistress happy and to continue with any tasks that she is told to do.
This is one very kinky dirty slut and i just love to see the look of pannick on her face when i lift my phone to call the hotel, she begs and pleads for me to put the phone down, it is hillarious.
Dirty, cheap cock sucking little whore deserves all she gets 

I think i will be getting this little bitch a job at it's time she actually started earning me some money.
If anyone reading this would like to have a crack at this cock loving whore then do comment underneath 
It's time some real men visited and treated her like the whore h is

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