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Friday, 9 May 2014

The Lock down story

Wait For Lockdown

The plugin my ass is giving me a nice warm feeling and making Mistress cock stir within
the confines of the clear plastic of the cb6000. The prison is secured with a snug-fitting
padlock with only one key.

The key which now sits in a container of water in my freezer, slowly but surely taking me
further and further away from any possibility of release.. slow torture of waiting for
it to freeze solid further adding to my torment like.. well. like water torture.

But here unlike a steady drip drip drip, it is the constant checking of my predicament every
30 minutes until it is finally secure.

It is now one o'clock in the morning and my tired brain can hardly stop thinking about it
and there is a part of myself, very very deep within, that is screaming.

The plug is riding into my ass and it is making me horny as I sit on it, I find myself
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moving back and forward grinding my slutty whore ass into the toy... it's not quite the
right shape to get any real release... I dread to think what would happen if I actually
made myself cum like that...but I am so frustrated it is driving me crazy.

I pull at the cage as if that would help but that's even worse now... The clock is ticking
by and I'm losing the ability to concentrate on anything else. Yes Mistress and her hard
I do not have any choice.

Mistress controls are utter.

Mistress cock tight in its cage reminds me of how helpless I am beneath Her.

She is having fun with other subs, more worthy of her time and attention that I am and that
makes me very jealous. I have nothing more to give Her as I am so hopelessly trapped by
Her. She has all the power.

So I have to wait... every second making me more trapped. I feel so helpless. You can find more real mistresses at live mistress webcam

Knowing that She is there, watching, controlling, punishing... there is nowhere for me
to turn now as She is everywhere. The tiredness and horny frustration are taking its toll.

My fate sealed with every second.

The clock is my enemy. I am sitting here waiting for the clock... hoping each second that the
ice freezes and maybe, just maybe this part of the humiliation will be over.

I feel so pathetic. I am praying for my own total entrapment.

This ls truly live at its best
I am pathetic though... I am just a sissy slut getting what they deserve and I should
thank Mistress for controlling me. She makes me realise my place in this world is beneath
Her and master, beneath real men who can cum and fuck and do whatever they want.

I'm no longer thinking straight now. I know I would do anything for Mistress - I'm
sinking deeper in Her pit of despair for me and fun and laughter for Her.

My face burns like the pull on Mistress balls as Her Cock strains. Knowing people will know
of my humiliation. I have no choice. I am getting ever more trapped by the second.
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