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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Another useless Blackmailed Sissy

Blackmailed sissy

I seem to see more and more of these nasty little sissies and i just love when i make them do things that  they really do not want to do! The point is they have no choice. No matter how much begging and pleading they do i have to much on them and i love the power of facebook and being on some of their friends lists so i can post anything i want and tell the world all about their naughty little secrets. For live
Another useless little slut with a tiny babycock in to amuse me. This little bitch knows fine well that if she does not entertain me and do as i say then i spill the beans on her facebook page
This balckmailed sissy  needs a big strap-n in there ready to abuse that ass of hers. If you need  some strapon training then be sure to check here

The more pathetic slutty little sissies i blackmail the happier i become. I really do love making people fear me. Making people worry! I would not hesitate in spilling the beans about you either! You cross me you learn the hard way slut!
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