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Monday, 16 June 2014

Sissy humiliated on webcam

                        Sissy Humiliated on Webcam

Sissy maid sally! Humiliated and degraded on cam. I have enjoyed camming with this sissy maid as well as using  her in real life many times. The first time we met was in a dungeon and she was so humiliated when i made her suck and lick every Mistresses foot who worked in the dungeon. She then had to run around all day making us tea and ensuring we were ok. It was a great session and i have continued to humiliate and blackmail this sissy slut  since then.

Sally always comes to come fully dressed and is always very obedient, she knows what happens to her if she does step out of line. i have all of her personal information and she knows the next time we meet she must sign the new contract.One of our favourite sites to test out is with hundreds of live femdom mistresses waiting to blackmail you right now live
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Sally was made to fuck her ass with her wifes shoe as well as with bannana then made to eat it slowly infront of Mistress, i have to admit she bolked a few times which was funny for Mistress to watch. I love sissies and subs who will get kinky on cam for me and push they boundries. If you are ready to have your boundries pushed with NO safe words then be sure to visit me on live cam soon.
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  1. This is so humiliating having my pictures on here but I must do what Mistress commands.

    Maid Sally