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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blackmailed by mistress and humiliated

Today i got an email from mistress to say that she would be looking for me on skype tonight. I panicked because i knew i could not get online as my girlfriend was home all night so i quickly emailed back and apologised   and asked if we could make it the next night!!! Stupid me

The reply i got was a copy of the blackmail contract and just as i opened the email my house phone rang and i saw my girlfriend walk towards the phone .. OMG was this Mistress carrying out the threat of telling her everything, Mistress had stated she had a file on me which i have seen with all my pictures of me dressed up in panties and with cucumbers up my ass.

Just as my girlfriend went to lift the phone it stopped ringing, pheww  i was sweating and started to wish i had never got myself into this but the excitement and thrill was to addictive and i knew i was in deep with this Mistress.

I replied to Mistress and stated i received the reminder of the contract and i asked her if she had called? She told me she had indeed and unless i make sure i am online at 9pm  then she will call back and this time she will speak direct to my girlfriend and tell her everything. I asked if i could buy myself out of that evenings session and i was firmly told NO!

Omg this is a nightmare it is so humiliating and Mistress knows exactly how to get me by the short and curlies, the excitement running through me as well as the fear. The last time i disobeyed i found myself on you tube and xhamster with videos she had of me dancing in panties and stockings so i had to pay a hefty fine to get her to take them down.

Needless to say i managed to get on tonight but i was a bag of nerves as my girlfriend was in the next room.
All i can say is Mistress is an expert in keeping you on your toes and making you pannick.
My next session i have been told will be a task i will have to carry out i dread to know what it will be because i think she wants me to suck a trannys cock as she watches on skype. Mistress has already chatted with a tranny and that tranny has emailed me twice.

I love the buzz that this gives me it is so addictive especially when it is a twisted Mistress  that you never know what is going through her head and what she may do next!
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